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Format Title and Header and Whatever

I have just now this very minute discovered that while lj is blocked at work, dreamwidth is NOT. and seeing as how my dreamwidth posts automatically crossposts to my lj, this could mean bad bad things for my flist.

...depending on how often i can make my children sleep at rest time, i mean. otherwise, i have no time to sit down, much less type.

so, a list of thoughts, because lists work for me.

1. GLEE. I am feeling like i might could write fic. this is exciting and terrifying, as i havent exactly been writerly for the past two years or so.

2. speaking of fic - i have 2 ficlets i am about to finish up that have been sitting in my googledocs, a long time. one is You're Beautiful, and one is Gokusen. Gokusen might or might not go anywhere.

3. i have yet to do more then stare in delight at my yuletide assignment. i can TOTALLY do it, and i shall, and yeah, like i need an excuse to review the canon for this one. *hops happily*

4. i hope everyone who celebrates Ritual Sacrifice with Pie Day had a fabulous one. the rest of you, i hope last Thursday was awesome. (speaking of, i totally need a Ritual Sacrifice with Pie icon)

5. is the Wishlist Meme making the rounds this year? I've only seen one post for it so far, and im trying to decide if im going to type one up or not. i might be too lazy.

6. i found a new awesome movie obtaining place. i might have obtained a clear dvd quality screener for that new movie out now about that one guy who has that scar and fights the other snakey looking guy. just saying.

7. speaking of that guy with the scar, OMG I FINALLY SAW DEATHLY HALLOWS. it started a little slow, but i really really enjoyed it. also, the Ron/Hermione. And anything with Ron, 'cause he was hilarious frequently. also, I saw Gabrielle at the wedding! I was looking for Charlie, but did not seeeeeee him. i firmly remain a Charlie/Gabrielle shipper, even though I'm one of five people who ship it.

8. I've been capping Glee, as I want icons. I can't really find Glee icons i really love, and i find it troubling.

9. I have *thoughts* about last week's Glee, but i will spare you. for now. *leers*

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