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DARE YORI: Hold my Hand and Promise Me

There's This Boy, and His Boy, and Another Boy

THOUGHTS ON GLEE! Under the cut due to spoilery nature if you haven't seen the last two eps - it's about Kurt and, you know, things.

I gotta admit, I TOTALLY wasn't expecting what happened with Karofsky. I mean, I always figure that anyone who goes out of their way to pick on a gay kid because they're gay probably has some self-hatred issues about their own sexuality confusion or whatever, but I wasn't expecting it to suddenly be all in your face about it with a KISS. and Kurt even tried to talk to him about it, but it wasn't happening. And i was ok with that and thought maybe it would just..fade into the background, as Glee frequently drops the storylines that could be so very interesting (Mercedes and Kurt as Cheerios, Kurt on the football team, BETH, who has barely been mentioned..also, what the hell was up with the weird Puck storyline, huh?)

admittedly, i didn't think much of the rest of that episode, but hey.

and then came this week's ep, which had little to no effect on me whatsoever (I tend to zone out the eps that focus on Shue more so than the kids), and frankly, i was only barely focusing on it.

and then...

and then...

Karofsky passes Kurt, and the LOOK he gives Kurt just blew me away. No dialogue, but in Karofsky's face is terror/longing/fear/revulsion/anguish and omg i nearly clawed at the screen shrieking.

The short conversation they had later was a nice addition, but the LOOK. omg.

And that? That is what I want to read. I want Karofsky/Kurt fic...not necessarily shippy, as bullyboy would have to do a LOT of work and soul searching and whatever to even be worthy of Kurt, but that look gives that possibility so much potential. I want fic where Karofsky WANTS and LOATHES it and fights it and can't help but notice Kurt because he is always THERE, head up, proud to be who he is and secure (mostly) in himself. See, I mean, at first, Kurt was just another gleek, right? basic bullying and some slushy and the dumpster. He bothers Karofsky, but Karofsky passes it off as just because of the gleek/loser/weird reason. But then, he joined the football team, and he was underfoot and there and wearing tight pants and Karofsky...notices.

And Kurt joining the Cheerios just made things worse, because he ROCKED that outfit, and Karofsky is attracted and horrified and denying, and so he shoves and pushes and ups the picking on to try and prove to himself that Kurt can be dealt with - that Kurt's out and proudness and strength that is always in Karofsky's face can be dealt with - Karofsky isn't attracted, no...

djsakldjisaojdisao. WANT, y'all. seriously. I want self hatred and longing and all of those things you see in Karofsky's face as he falls for this beautiful, fragile/strong boy in a town like Lima.

*wants desperately*



I've been contemplating this cause it seems half my flist is all" OHNOEZ! We can't have THAT--he's ABUSING KURT, what kind of message would that send????11!!!"

I mean, I *get* that reaction. I've been abused.

But the difference is: This is supposed to be a kid who has no idea how to handle these emotions, is scared to death of someone finding out, and yet the frustration is so overwhelming that he couldn't help it--he KISSED Kurt. 17yr olds aren't mentally or emtionally equipped for this kind of thing (most of them), and I just can't see it as "Lip Rape." Sorry.

The other half is just like us and while it's possible we won't ever GET Kurt/Karofsky in canon, it's so much a craving that I *HURT* with want for it. Fandom is dissapointing me greatly.

I suggest you write it. Thanks!

(I won't mention the rough draft I have of something from Karofsky's POV. Nope.)
he's 17 and a high school boy in a small closed minded town. he's so conflicted, and the conflict is DELICIOUS.

PLEASE please write! Please! Im not at the point where Im ready to take on this one, but i really neeeeeed the fic. im even trolling the Pit looking for stuff!

there is this WIP at the Pit, which has some good promise - it even incorporates the Trevor Project and It Gets Better.
So, shit. I wrote it. It's been in my head ever since you actually voiced what I was thinking with this post.

Now, I need a beta. Commenting here in hopes that you'll do it, but also posting a request for it at my LJ because I'm tired of being in the closet about my love for Karofsky and I'm tired of all the bully-bashing (and isn't THAT ironic?).

It's not as angsty as I'd hoped it would be (maybe you could help with that?) and it's just missing something. IDEK what, just something.

Sure! Bounce it to me! alianoraATgmailDOTcom
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