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PGSM: Nephrite

Dear Yule Goat

I'm late signing up because I wibbled and waffled and changed my mind 80 thousand times, and I only plan to sign up ONCE.

Regardless, here are my details, beloved goat.

General stuff-
From my 2009 letter:
I love solid characterization more than ANYTHING else. I love plot, I do, but the characters are what do things for me. I love character vingettes just as much as I love long epic fics that encompass 50 years and 7 different planets. Don't be afraid to write something weird - if the characterization comes through and I can figure out where they are coming from, I promise that I will be over the moon about it.

I love gen, het, and slash. I like gen just as much as I like porn, and I love stories about people who stumble their way to happiness. While I adore angst, I tend to be more focused on the happy for yuletide. If the angst bug hits you though, go for it.

I love snark and snappy dialogue and people who tease each other because they know each other and know all the buttons to push. I love quiet introspective pieces with no dialogue and only in one character's head. I love...many many things. Whatever you write will be lovely.

...yeah, basically that.

Extra characters are always welcome, if you need them to tell the story, then add them in! The more the merrier!

My fic can be found on the AO3 or on my personal fic archive, SilverFic, if you want an idea of how I write.


1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)
I would love a fic set in the future where Buffy and Pike encounter each other again. What happened between them? Did they go out? Why did they separate? Non-tv show compliant, please.

I love this movie. I love it so much i refused to watch the tv show for the first 2 years out of loyalty to the camp and cheese of the movie. I love the language and the obvious disconnect between what Buffy's life was and what it is becoming. I want to know about the after - we see Buffy riding off on the motorcycle with Pike. Where do they go? Do they stay together? Separate? I would love to see any of this. Shippy or not is more then fabulous.

2. Mei-chan no Shitsuji
I would love to see Mei and Rihito trying to balance the butler/lady issue with their relationship. Can they do it?

I LOVE THIS DRAMA. I will continue to request this fandom, if only to make more people want to watch it. Sadly, at this point, I'm probably annoying the crap out of people. Anyway, one of the things that fascinates me so much is how uncomfortable Mei is with the butler/lady relationship, and how she happily tramples over lines that other ladies know instinctively. I also love how off balance everything Mei does makes Rihito. Non-fully established relationships are the most fun for me, but if it's Mei-chan, I will be thrilled! (Kiba not required, but would be AWESOME)

Further thoughts on Mei-chan can be found under the mei-chan's hot butler tag

3. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
I love the idea of Nephrite and Ami when Nephrite is human. Does she figure out who he is? Does she remember any of her time as Dark Mercury? How does their relationship settle into a romance?

There is so much cool stuff about the very subtle relationship between Ami and Nephrite. I would really love to see more interactions between human Nephrite and Ami. How much does she remember about her time as Dark Mercury? Does she recognize Nephrite at any point in any way? Does Nephrite ever give her the steer horns? Obviously, I'm ignoring Nephrite's return to the Shinobu at the very end of the series. I prefer to believe he remains human. Do they have a chance in hell?

For more thoughts on PGSM, check out the Sailor Moon tag

4. Lilo and Stitch
Pre-movie, the parents died - how does Nani take on the task of raising Lilo? Where was she before hand? College? What did she want to do? How did everything change?

I'd love something darker here. Nani's struggling with what to do after her parents die, and Lilo is so young, and Nani keeps screwing up with jobs and the social worker...


You should write me Yuletide fic anyway. Just for tradition's sake. Just sayin'.
hmm. well, i could, but i'd have to write Young Riders again, and I'm not sure if I could deal with writing about Ike's death. IT MIGHT DESTROY ME.
You have some amazing requests this year. I'm really starting to get excited for this year's Yuletide!
Thanks! I changed my mind 800 times. Gokusen and Skip Beat were both on the list, and I was seriously tempted to add my vote for yours for tent porn in Full House, but I decided to go with these.

Yuletide requests are so interesting. I start out with any fandom i can conceivably think i'd like to read in, and just start winnowing down until i have ones I can actually think of prompts for, and then it's nail biting and hair rending until I make a final decision.
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