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POTC: Saltwater

Useless and Generally Annoying

1. Holy yuletide drama, Batman! WHAT THE HELL. Seriously, if you dont like AO3 and are mortally offended by how they are choosing fandoms this year, DON'T PARTICIPATE. Geeze. People keep complaining that this one anime fandom is being included when, for the record, WE DONT EVEN KNOW THAT. It's on the list, yes, but they've already told us (and told us and told us and omg) that they have to go through and double check.

Plus, one of the people who is making the biggest stink about this fandom being included is because she has a problem with the source material.

*headdesks repeatedly*

2. How to blow the mind of a 3 year old: In the middle of a crying meltdown that is quickly approaching epic size, quickly tell your child you have something very special for him. Then "catch" something in the air, tell him to open his hand, and give him an invisible ladybug. The child will then spend the entire ride home examining his empty cupped palm intently, trying to see the invisible ladybug.


3. Glee. Oh...Glee. What can I even say about this week's ep? *grimaces* i just..i dont even know sometimes.


If there is ANY possibility for wank, someone will wank it. I'm fairly sure that's one of the rules of the intarwebz. :D

I so need to steal #2 when Maddy's cognitive skills expand to appreciate that. She's still very concrete, so I don't think it would work. But she's only two, and she's learning so much every day. :D
yuletide has generally been fairly wank free...or at least in public spaces..

and omg, Voldemort's imagination has taken off like crazy the past few months. IT'S SO COOL. Today he was telling me about the moon (named Shawa, Luna is the full moon, Shawa is the crescent moon), and how she likes to play by herself, but then the crocodiles come and bite her in the face and she has to go to her mama and get a bandaid.

And then he thought bandaid was the funniest word in existence and laughed at it for five minutes straight. Kids are WEIRD.
LOL. They really are weird, but they're oh so much fun. :)

I'm down with Yuletide, I think. We'll wail and flail together. :D
Wait, Yuletide drama? Bzwuh?

BTW, one of my students is totally into K-Pop. I may give her your email just so that you can be her new best friend. Or I may just send you her paper when she writes it. On K-pop.
Behold the drama. And boggle.

DUDE! Who does she listen to? I will totally read her paper on kpop and tell you what grade you should give her based on how many bands she listens to.
Crap if I remember who she listens to. I'll let you know when I get her abstract on Friday. I just mentioned the one vid with the rainbows and the boys who were in love with each other or whatever, and she laughed at me.
#2 is awesome! But knowing my munchkin, she would want to keep it in a jar and feed it!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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