Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Hotlinkers need pain

so, this person on some OC board, has strung together some of my icons (really, only one - brens hands) with several of fallen_graphix's bren icons.

this would even be kind of cool, except for the fact they are HOTLINKING to them, wasting my bandwidth and COSTING ME MONEY. i have to pay for my bandwidth, kids, due to the fact i own my own domain.

i know this, as i know how to use my stats to find out how people get to my site and anything on it. including the pics and graphics. so i went on a hotlinker hunt yesterday, and emailed one possibly seven year old who cant type about hotlinking my 'allo!' icon.

she emailed me back: im sry alia i can upgrade stuff im really sry u have aol i do?

what? was that even english?

am having a bad couple of days.

screwed up my blog last night and managed to wipe the database while trying to install wordpress, and now i cant log in at all! *cries* and im going to have to reinstall the stupid thing again, and all my pretty pretty posts are gone! *weeps bitterly*

gah. not good day. bad. bad bad.

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