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TOGETHER: Momo doesn't believe this shit

It's that time again

My family is asking for Santa letters for me and the man and the kid.

The kid is pretty easy, I know what I want, but when I ask the man what he wants, he shrugs.


So, I call on the power of the flist! Any suggestions for gifts for my fam to give him?

The man:
-doesn't use aftershave
-has tools and doesnt need anymore
-likes videogames, but tends to buy them himself the instant they come out
-doesn't wear ties
-watches all of his movies/tv shows streaming on Netflix

I'm glad I don't have to worry about what to get him, as he bought himself an iPad this summer and called it his winter holiday present. Much as i have a Nook, which is my winter holiday gift, bought at the same time.

Gah. HALP.


Giftcard to Amazon. That's why my folks get for Tim, for the same reason. Or a Best Buy giftcard. I know giftcards suck, but honestly, when you're past the age of 20 and you're 'gainfully' employed and nothing really excites you anymore, unless they're willing to send you on vacation or something, money always works. It's unromantic, but it means you get what you want.
problem is that i've already got a list of places he'd like giftcards to. my mom INSISTS on buying things other then gift cards, so he has something to open. ARGH.
What about a new accessory for your kayak? You have a kayak, right? Or do you need something for the kitchen, like a pan? Or something for the apartment? Make it more for you than him, and just split the difference with him cash-wise.
I agree - your description of The Man sounds almost identical to mine & Hubby loves giftcards. ^_^ Or BBQ supplies/outdoorsy camping type stuff. Or giftcards to BBQ supplies/outdoorsy camping type stuff...
yeah..did i mention he's a vegetarian? and that we dont have a grill? or want one?

*headdesk* why does he make things so difficult?
lol!! Sorry!

Hmmm... Ummm....
Does he like sports?
While I understand the "I want to go shopping" urge, I don't understand the mentality that a gift card isn't a real present. *sigh* that takes away my suggestion of a month of Netflix. Maybe your mom can get the herbs or other non-perishable ingredients for B's favorite dishes?
Is he handy/interested in dude crafts? We went to Mystic Seaport this week, and N was fascinated by the ironworking, and apparently there are lessons! N isn't crafty/creative at all, but I think that might be something he could do and enjoy, so I am going to see about pricing and expense and availability and stuff. Maybe something similar? Lessons of some kind, or a voucher for an experience like skiing or whatever?
I usually end up going in with my sisters on a fancy bottle of scotch for our dad. This year we're getting him a grill brush and a Kindle for his birthday, though. Stepping out of the box~~

Oh, and sometimes we buy him pants because if we don't he'll just wear his holey jeans until they fall off.
Can't go wrong with food, in my experience. Basket of sweets? Big holiday box of goodies?

Even if it's something he'd normally buy for himself, if your family buys it FOR him, that's saving him money like a present all by itself. :D
Aren't they a pain when they are like that!? Ugh, Steven is impossible when it comes to gifts.
I got nothing. Mine is THE EXACT SAME WAY. :(

Well, there's always some sort of toy that he might like if he has ANY kind of fannish tendency or childhood nostalgia. (I'm planning to get hubby some Star Wars Lego for his birthday)
I would suggest things, but I know your parents well enough to know that your mom's brain would e-splode!
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