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Celebration: Ladies

I've seen the woman in icons meme floating around, and it is lovely.

So, here are my lovely ladies! I included any icon that featured a woman, although some of those I wasn't sure about - in some of them the man is the focal point. What do you think? Should I delete those off the list? *ponders*

I'd love to see your ladies, too!

Clearly, I still dont have the hang of adding alt text automatically, as this took for-freaking-ever.

POTC; Elizabeth looking out to the sea Roswell: close up of Maria's neck, her head tilted face out of frame. Willow: Sorcha in battle gear, looking serious. Clue: the Singing Telegram lying dead on the ground StarWars: Cartoon Leia looks lovingly at Han in carbonite Who: Rose holding Nine, her face to his, he's looking at the camera
Bulletproof Monk: Kar holding BadGirl from behind laying down, her face is almost completely out of frame Buffy: animated Oz and Willow and animal crackers Roswell: Michael and Maria look in the same direction, faces only Fifth Element: Leeloo holding up her multipass Buffy: Willow looks forward with Oz's face pressed to her cheek Firefly:River turned away pointed a gun at the camera
HP: Blond leans on the shoulder of a redheaded man who is facing away. She is looking at the camera. Firefly: River's boots Firefly: River walks through a room, Jayne in the background. Firefly: animated, faces of River and Jayne Roswell: Michael and Maria in separate booths looking at each other Earth2: Danziger stands with hand on his hips, looming over Devon, who is looking up at him fearlessly
Ten Things: Patrick kissing Kat in the parking lot. His hands are on her face. Actor: Anna Paquin in profile, looking towards the cameraAvonlea: Gus and Felicity sitting and looking at each other HP: Hermione smirking at the camera StarWars: Leia with her hair down, face only, in profile and looking up Gilmore: Lorelai backlit sitting at a table, looking down with a tiny smile, in profile
The Inside: Locke holding a gun, text says She's the Blade Roswell: Maria leans her forehead against Michael's chin, her eyes closed Buffy the Movie: Pike and Buffy dance, he's turned away, she's in profile and smiling Bones: Brennen looks over her shoulder at Booth, who is shrugging Mirrormask: AntiHelena tilting her head, her eyes are black Pitch Black: Jack from the back, a planet rising in front of her
Into the Woods: Face of the Witch, young Bones: Hodgins blurred in the background, looking at Angela, who is in focus and looking down Planeteers: Wheeler in the background, looking at Linka in front Firefly: Zoe from shoulders to knees, holding a shotgun Hairspray: Tracy smiling and cocking a hip with school bus in the background Earth 2: True smiling
Hairspray movie musical: Black woman with a sassy smile Tinman: DG looks at camera, wide eyed Earth 2: True sitting in Danziger's lap, wearing shades. He's got his chin on her head Hanadan: Domyouji hugging a startled Makino from behind in the rain. Smiling Pasta: From behind, Xiao Shi and He Qun holding hands. Xiao Shi is wearing a giant turtle shell. Nobuta: Nobuta watches Akira do Nobuta Power!
Brown Sugar Macchiato: GuiGui, smiling with eyes closed, leans up to kiss Wang Zi, who is waiting with closed eyes. Brown Sugar Macchiato: Smiling, Gui Gui leans against an almost smiling Wang Zi's shoulder Gokusen: Yankumi cheering in a cheerleading outfit. Full House Kdrama: JiEun looks up intently Coffee Prince: Out of focus, Han Kyul carries Eun Chan to bed, her legs around him Real Genius: Jordon holds out a sweater.
Smiling Pasta: He Qun and Xiao Shi kissing Hanadan: Makino looking right at you Coffee Prince: Eun Chan hugs Han Kyul from behind, her arms around his neck. PGSM: Usagi, head tilted and smiling PGSM: Sailor Moon holding something out to Tuxedo Kamen, who is looking down at it. KHYD: Jandi against the wall on the steps, trying to hide.
Full House kdrama: Close up of YoungJae's hand holding JiEun's, a ring drawn on JiEun's finger. Hana Kimi tw: Quan holding Rui Xi's head tightly as they kiss PGSM: Jupiter looking threatening and striking a pose. Mei-chan: Mei looking down and sad. Mei-chan: Full length, Mei in a gown hugs Rihito. Mei-chan: Mei looks startled, Rihito leans out of frame.
Love Shuffle: AiAi with a small smile. Love Shuffle: Sitting on a log, Usa-tan looks fondly at AiAi, who is looking out. SYTYCD: Mark with his hand on Chelsie's chest as they look intently at each other during Bleeding Love. Mei-chan: Mei and Rihito smile at the camera in close up. Butterfly Lovers: Yanzhi taps her head against Liang's fist. Both grinning. Devil Beside You: Qi Yue and Ahmon kissing in close up
ToGetHer: Mars points accusingly at Momo, who looks off blank faced. ToGetHer: Momo looks down with a small smile. SkipBeat!: Kyoko close up with an open mouth smile. SkipBeat!: Ren holds Kyoko tightly. SkipBeat!: Ren looking intently at Kyoko with his hand on her cheek, Kyoko looking up at him Actor: Horikitty's face in black and white, looking down in a tux.
Actor: Rainie Yang sitting, her chin in her hand Beelzebub: Helga threatening with a sword. PGSM: Animated Jupitar with bouncy ponytail. Afterschool Nightmare: Ichigo's face, eyes closed, someone's hands on her/him. Afterschool Nightmare: 3 mains spooning Yankee-kun: Shina smirking, Adachi grinning, holding hands.
Ueno Juri with a quirky smile Devil Beside You: Qi Yue and Ahmon kissing. Yankee-kun: Adachi in boxing gear, tightening tape on one hand with her teeth.
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