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ACTOR: Yamapi Buzz

Pop Goes the Weasel

I would dearly like to tell my flist my feelings about Glee (conflicted), my feelings about the Grilled Cheezus ep of Glee (REALLY FUCKING UNHAPPY), and my feelings about my face (ow ow ow).

Because I can only focus on one of the three, i shall explain to you about my face. My beautiful, previously undamaged face.

The GOOD news is that my nose isn't broken.

The BAD news is that on Tuesday, I was working with a kid at a table. I leaned over to show him something, and he very suddenly jerked hard my direction, slamming his skull into the bridge of my nose. His only saving grace is that is was an accident. Otherwise I would have thrown him straight out the window.

Like I said, it isn't broken, but I do have a swollen, bruised nose and two black eyes. The black eyes are subtle enough that, instead of looking like I just got a skull to the face, I look like I haven't slept in a week. I'm not sure if that's an improvement.

The doctor said that I would have a four to five day headache and OMG HE WASN'T KIDDING. I worked yesterday, but I drove to work today - realizing on the way that ME DRIVING was a horrible idea after nearly getting in two wrecks in ten minutes - walked in and told the director that i really needed to come home because my head might pop off my body without warning.

I still feel like crap and wanna stay home tomorrow, but I can't. I only have so many sick days, and I need to save them in case the child gets sick.

So, the moral of this story is OW MY HEAD.


Oh, wow.

Here's hoping that you feel better soon.
Your poor nose! Hope your face/head/everything feels better soon.
Owie! I hope you feel better soon. :(
Erh.... I'm sorry! Love, that sounds awful and terrible adn AWEFUL.
ARGHHH. Our kiddos have been crazy-tantruming this week, but fortunately I've managed to back up and duck at all the right times. So sorry you're hurt!
It made make perfect sense if it had been mid-tantrum. If he had been escalated AT ALL, I wouldn't have gotten so close! He was CALM! He was HAPPY! But he has sensory issues that sometimes manifest as the intense need to suddenly throw his body from side to side. He just happened to do it as I was leaning over him.
I hope you feel better! It sounds horrible, but like you said, at least it isn't broken.

And because you mentioned your irritation with Glee - OMG me too. So much. For someone that actually IS religious (Catholic, to be precise), I really don't like organized religion on a whole. And I hated all the proselytizing going on in that episode. I honestly don't like Sue's character (she's cruel, and I just don't like mean people), but I SO agreed with her here. One of my major issues is the breakdown in the separation of church and state. I was like "TELL HIM, SISTER", when she was going off on Will about it. I hated that everyone was all like "Just pray, Kurt! It'll help!!!"... Seriously?!
Youch! That's awful! Did the doctor give you good painkillers? I'm on some wacky stuff from my sinus surgery last week and let me tell you - I don't feel pain but I practically wobble while I walk and randomly want naps throughout the day!
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