Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Get Off the Roof

Because I have little to nothing of interest to say ...actually, that's a lie, I have other things to talk about, but those require brain cells and logical reasoning, or something.

So instead, have a random selection of caps from things I've watch and/or rewatched recently! With alt text, even!

Hear Me - an adorable tw movie about a boy who gets involved with deaf sisters
a teenage girl from the waist up, running and smiling at the camera

a teenage girl in a motorcycle helmet looks at a teenaged boy who is holding one arm up like a disco pose

Yankee-ken to Megane-chan - Total lack of personal space? CHECK
Shina and Adachi's faces cheek to cheek. Shina is making a weird face

Adachi straddling a bench beside Shina, pushed as close to him as possible. He looks uncomfortable, she looks enthusiastic

Riko and Naoki make out. A lot.

Ninja Assassin - Im weak to Rain, and there is something I LOVE about this cap
Rain dodges backwards as a woman in a laundrymat tries to kill him

TaeYang - "Look Only At Me" Hip roll. *purr*

Also, at some point i have to cull stuff from photobucket as I am dangerously close to my limit, and i'm scared i'm going to totally screw up a variety of picspams. ack.
Tags: alt text included, asian boybands survive on guyliner, i watch dramas for the plot, japan eats souls, jdrama, korea hates me, my capslock for asia, picspammy, raaaaain!, twdrama, yamapi is ridiculously attractive, yankee-kun

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