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Voldemort started attending a new preschool yesterday. We loved his daycare, but it was out of the way of both Brandus’ and my commute, plus they had a LOT of staff turnover recently, and we got tired of never knowing who would be in there teaching.

We looked at a Montessori preschool, which would have been awesome, but it was in Jacksonville, where I teach, which is 45 minutes away from our house, so if I didn’t go to work, he didn’t go to school, which wouldn’t work.

So, we kept looking, and agreed, cautiously, on a Christian preschool. Cautiously, as neither of us is what could be considered Christian. Brandus is Buddhist, and I…well..I consider myself pagan, but only in a WOW THIS HERE IS A GREAT UNIVERSE AIN’T IT kind of way.

And, really, when brandus went in to check it out, the director immediately offered that they dont teach religion – they teach the Bible.

Ok, I’m down with that. Bible stories are good to know, Jesus was a swell guy, I don’t mind him singing Johnny Appleseed before lunch. It’s all good.

And it was. Until today. When I went to pick up the Dark Lordling and asked the teacher how his day went, she frowned and told me he had some trouble being rough and keeping his hands to himself. But, after they prayed about it, his day got better.

…..excuse me, what was that?

Look, you want to pray before meals? Go for it. You want to lead a group prayer because someone is sick or in the hospital? AWESOME, I AM ALL ABOUT THAT.

But, my kid shoves someone, so you PRAY with him about his behavior?

Needless to say, my concern was high.

So, on the way home, as I was worrying about this, I decided to broach the waters with the kid.

“Hey, buddy? Has school said anything about Jesus?”

Kiddo is highly involved in destroying a piece of paper, and therefore, says nothing.


He finally grunts an acknowledgment, paper now in 4 pieces, which seems to be satisfactory or something.

“Bud, what has school told you about Jesus?”

He ponders for a moment.

“…Jesus is what happens when you sneeze. ACHOO! So we say, ‘JESUS!’ to me.”

Somehow, I’m comforted.
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