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Writer's Block: Something to cry about

How do you feel about corporeal punishment?

I don't spank my kid. I have resorted to a swat exactly twice, and both were in his hitting phase, he got two warnings, and then it was on a well padded, cloth diapered bottom, followed immediately by time outs. For both of us.

I don't do corporeal punishment. For a variety of reasons. The less controversial involve the fact that I work with other people's kids all day, and it I can't hit them, there is absolutely no reason I should hit my own kid.

The main reason I don't believe in it raises people's hackles - look, I honestly and truly DON'T CARE if you spank. If you have tried every single other thing FIRST and never ever hit in anger or frustration.


My first job was working in a residential care facility for kids with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. These kids were MESSED UP - they couldn't handle living in a foster home.

Yeah, foster home. All of them had been removed from their homes due to severe physical abuse. Seeing how messed up these kids were, I swore I'd never hit a kid.

Sure, the spankers say, usually while getting all offended, but I'd never confuse spanking with ABUSE.

Me, either. But, I decided it's way too slippery of a slope for me. Hit once, and it makes it easier to hit again. And again, harder.

No. Not for me. Not ever. I met my husband in the residential treatment center, and yes, we have the same thoughts. We don't hit. Ever.
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