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HKTW: Drink Me

Girls Who Like Boys Who Need Saving

I'm finally watching the drama for Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, and I'm enjoying it GREATLY. Shinagawa is all kinds of hilarious, and Adachi pulls him into everything, and she is still such an idiot, which makes me SO HAPPY. Sadly, they haven't had any conversations at all over a bathroom stall, but I imagine they figured it was best to pretend she doesn't hang out in the guy's bathroom. I'm trying to watch very slowly, as there are only 6 eps hardsubbed, and while eps 7-9 have softsubs, there are TEN EPISODES. I'm hoping by the time I get to ep ten, it will be subbed in some form or fashion.

My favorite exchange between the two of them so far:

Adachi gets irritated with Shinagawa and takes a spinning backkick, which he ducks. As he ducks, we see red sparkles from her crotch.
..no really, animated red sparkles.

Shina: Ah, strawberries!
Adachi: *pouty* They're tomatoes.
Shina: Vegetables?

And that's it. Neither of them has any other reaction to the fact he just saw her panties, and simply move on, and for some reason, it just about made me cry with laughter. It is possible that I'm insane, though, so keep that in mind.

I totally missed the signups for the Girl-Saves-Boy Ficathon, but I still totally want to play.

To that end, I ask you, who would you like to see saving who? Any prompt with the couple will help, but aren't required. I will attempt a drabble for every single prompt!

*Rinny, Arashi ARE NOT GIRLS. No. NO. Pick something else.


Haruna Ai rescuing Sho and/or Arashi.

Makino rescuing Domyouji.

Erhh... i'm out.
...err...*whispers* Who'se Haruna Ai?

Makino and Domyouji has potential, though!
Beez predictable? (And silly)

Mei rescuing Rihito (or Kento!)

Makino rescuing all of F4 who get into increasingly lamer predicaments like "ohmygod how do you open a can without a maid?!" more overblown predicaments because money = diamond crusted helicopter chases xD

Sawada rescuing Yanku... Oh Wait, that's the plot of Gokusen anyway!
Makino rescuing all of F4 who get into increasingly lamer predicaments like "ohmygod how do you open a can without a maid?!

*cackles* that is BEAUTIFUL, and I hope to richly enjoy something so insane!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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