Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


-Came through Earl fine. A little rain and a little wind, and a night spent in a hotel. Yippee. But, we're home and fine.

-Recently begun shipping Jun/Sho, and am reading everything I can find for them. I tend to enjoy the AUs more then Arashi themed stuff, and I dont know why. I find this entire thing strange, as I ship Ohno/Nino and Aiba/Jun on most occasions.

-Can't stop lusting after TaeYang. I started out watching Big Bang on occasion, and now I have several TaeYang icons, have both his albums, downloaded all of his videos, even friended him on Facebook, which is so deeply shameful i cant even talk about it.

Also, the fact that most videos of the live performances of Look Only At Me don't show the hip roll when he sings, "Lady" makes me sad. Because it is very of the hot. Yes. I need gifs of it. And possibly a life size poster.

This is made even sadder by the fact I'm pretty sure I'm taller then he is.

-Big Bang's "Beautiful Hangover" vid doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but DaeSung needs to be licked all over. Also, what the heck part does TOP play in this odd little storyline? He's dressed to the nines, but I can't figure out what his character is.

DaeSung nearly licks TaeYang's ear at one point in the vid, which I fully support.

Tags: asian boybands survive on guyliner, dignity=gone, g-dragon wants you to bang 'em, i have arashi, sho fails and wins my heart

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