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Roswell Round Up

am trying to cross post all the roswell recs i made over at roswellficrecs so expect this to be one long ass post. gah.

and in no particular order either, sorry.

Title: SPIN
Author: incognito
Rating: R for violence and language
Why Recced:

massivly AU. Liz is a pathological liar, Tess is killed (briefly), and we come to the conclusion that everybody is completely insane. and its a hell of a lot of fun getting there.

this is one of the few Liz centric fics i like. i will admit that Liz generally = evil for me, but i LOVE this story. i like Maria's Color Therapy, i like Liz's lying, the Spin the Bottle story, and that Max smells like boy. My favorite line is probably near the end in the pool.

The way I figure it, I'll bleed to death in about three weeks, so this should be fun.

The minutes tick by.

Two weeks, 6 days, 11 hours, and 53 minutes to go.

Title: Roswell Elementary
Authors: magelette and emilyfairy
Rating: G
Characters: everybody but Tess
Why Recced:
ooh, i *dove* these. I blame Kara and Emily for my complete slide into the fandom, even if they dont know it. This series takes all the original characters in 5th grade, and its just so *cute*. it is easy to see how all grew up to be who they are in S1, and it gives such great characterization. Kara and Emily are also responsible for alot of the weird roswellian sayings, like "the dove too."

read them! read them now! but be prepared, there are many!

Title: By Definition
Author: Nes (email not currently working)
Rating: R for weirdness and some dark themes
Character: Michael
Why Recced:
I love this story. I do. I worship it. and Nes knows that. :) this is Michael centric story about art and dreaming. and what art and an alien can actually accomplish together. and the dreams are so fabulous. My favorite lines are from the end, so i wont quote them, but this story just blows me away.

Title: More Than Sometimes
Author: Katjen
Rating: PG13
Characters: Michael, Maria
Link: Why Recced: Michael as an artist is a kink for me. if he is an artist in a fic, i probably like it. but anyway. what happens when two people live across from each other and leave their curtains open? and err..i really dont mean that in a smutty way. AU

one of fav lines of Maria's:
I’m not making any sense, the point is I felt like I knew this guy because he existed when I existed, I saw him living without knowing him, saw him paint, eat, sleep, kiss and I wasn’t involved in any of it except from the outside as a spectator, like I was watching some bizarre new reality show.

They *observe* each other. They hate each other. They are fascinated by each other.

Title: Testify
Author: Elizabeth
Rating: PG13
Why Recced: i admit to liking the character of Kathleen Topolsky, and you dont see many fics about her at all. and especially not one this well done. Elizabeth has a *way* of writing that is very compelling. i will read anything by her, even if i dont like the ship or am not into the fandom. this one? is classic mindfuck story.

a fav line:
My apologies to my parents. I wasn't the dentist you wanted me to be. I wasn't the happy wife and mother you hoped I'd be. I was never the sunny blond child you wanted. Peroxide fixed some of my problems.

this is placed after "Crazy" and "Tess, Lies, and Videotape" in S1. this is not a happy story. it gives me the shivers in a very good creepy way.

Title: Long Day Coming (Dido's Isobel)
Author: Demoira
Rating: PG13 for dark themes

Why Recced:

ok, its a song fic, lets get that out of the way. normally, i HATE songfics, but this one is well done, and the song is well woven in. and this fic? haunts. me.

its very lyrical, and there is a refrain, and i think that is what makes it work.

its based on the idea of what would happen if the aliens DID leave. and left the humans behind.

Title: Routines
Author: Chicky (AndHerLittleChickenToo)
Rating: NC17
Link: Why Recced:

This is *the* Michael/Maria AU, im hy humble opinion. i worship this story. its very long, with no aliens at all, but all the usual suspects do appear. its NC17 in parts, but its very well handled, and while its hot, its also emotional.

Im not even sure how much of a summery to give. Michael is an artist (i told you, kink), and Maria is a waitress. How they move from hate to sex to hate to something that might be love..*sigh*

Michael has alot of baggage to get through before he gets to Maria. And man, is it well written. I adore Chicky.

Title: Clockwork Heart
Author: Mnemosyne
Rating: R/NC17 in parts
Why Recced:
So, it isnt *exactly* Michael/Maria..instead its a Rath story. He's lonely, you see, and he keeps thinking of a certain blonde he met in he decides to build himself a playmate. this story is ..just amazing. i heart mnemosyne, she is such an amazing writer. Rath is rough and slightly mean, and very very crude, but surprising sweet in places. PM, while she looks familar, is sweet, sultry, and has a tattoo that says, "Raths Bitch" around her belly button.

CAUTION: Nowhere approaching work safe.

Title: The Short Term Fix
Author: Yetteren
Rating: R
Character: Michael
Link: (click on the banner to get to the story)
Why Recced: this story is really long, and while its candy, its more about michael himself. it asks the (extremely practical question) of, what if michael had just been placed in another foster home? its Michael, adjusting to life with a whole family, and it follows the rest of S1 and then a chunk (?) of S2. It is very well written, Michael (to me) never feels out of character, and the family are real and interesting. It changes the entire season, as we no longer have Michael's apartment to have the "I Know an Alien" club meetings.

Title: The Self I See
Author: Elizabeth
Rating: PG13
Character: Ava, Liz, Max
Why Recced:
Dupe fic, as requested, and one of the coolest in my opinion. Ava doesnt get enough credit. and really, all i can say about this one is that its gooooooood! and, as an added bonus, has a twist you are so not going to see coming.

This IS a dreamer fic, in my opinion, but I cant exactly explain why.

Title: Yes
Author: Shana
Rating: Im gonna say R, just in case. dark themes.
Pairing: M/L, Max POV
Why Recced: Max comtemplates Liz, Gomez, and the power of Yes. I cant explain it much, but its extremely cool. along with Elizabeth, Shana is one of my favs. Liz has said No, but acceptance is always easier than denial. Max walks through the imagined date, and then goes to get his Yes.

Title: Riding the Waves of Doubt (I Tremble For My Beloved)
Author: katjen
rating: pg13?
character: Maria/Michael
why recced: dude, this is an AU i can get behind. what if maria moved to marathon when she was very young? what if she started having odd dreams about a guy she has never met before? what if he shows up out of the blue?

what if Maria, and not Tess, is the 4th alien?

Title: Premise
Author: Lilah
Rating: PG13
Characters: Michael/Maria
Why Recced: very good one. Maria's father left years ago, and she hasnt heard from him since, until he calls out of the blue one day, but hangs up. so she hires a PI. All characters are involved, up to and including Tess. besides the Candy, its the Liz characterization that intrigues me about this fic.

Title: Belief/Alchemy
Author: Danilise
Rating: PG
Characters: Max, Liz

Why Recced: this is a companion fic to Fact or Fiction, which is also nifty, but you dont really need to read it to read this one. Liz made it all up. Every bit. And a young scientist named Max Evans is intrigued. Not exactly dreamer. Blur the lines between what is real, and what isnt.

title: Colors of the Wind
author: Emily
rating: PG
characters: kyle/tess, michael/maria
why recced: cause its Kyle decides its time to redecorate Tess's room, and Michael and Maria get pulled in as well. and Tess and Kyle get to see a little of the Michael that Maria knows. *happy sigh* plus, its Emily!

title: Cupid Shot Me in the Butt
author: Kara
rating: PG13
Characters: Michael/Maria

why recced: three words. "The dove too." *huggles story*
*huggles Kara*

title: Language Lessons (DeLuca for the Prosecution)
author: Ossian
rating: PG13
characters: Michael/Maria
why recced: sometimes, Michael needs a little help with basic English. especially when the word involved is "boyfriend."

Title: Agape
Author: Elizabeth
couple: maria/michael, maria/brody
rating: PG
why recced: *babbles incoherantly* dude. i so love this fic. its maria perfectly in character, why she doesnt love brody, but should. and why she shouldnt love michael, but does. and i love the double meaning of the title.

Title: Towards Sleep
Author: Shana
couple: Maria/Michael
rating: PG
why recced: Maria cant sleep. so she goes to someone who she thinks might understand. perfect voice. and her Michael is spot on. still abrupt, but almost gentle in places.

Title: Slipstream (Change My Memory Remix)
Author: Loki
couple: none..or maybe..maria/everone. its hard to tell
rating: PG13
why recced: im probably biased, as this is the remix of my story "Who", and is such a *cool* look at a very very different Maria than the one we know.

Title: The Maria Filter
Author: Shimi
couple: none
rating: R
why recced: bow down and worship kids. this is the ultimate fic. Maria meditates for a reason. the aromatherapy distracts her. but She is always there, humming "Love is Blue". psychofucked story and ohmygodiloveit. sequels: Body Shots, The Geometry of Tress, and Choke by Shimi and Something More Than Dreaming by Elizabeth. go! gogogogo and read!!!

title: "My Suicide Note" by Maria DeLuca
author: Mnemosyne
couple: Maria/Michael
rating: R, dark themes
why recced: dark AND psycho, anyone? its Mnemosyne, and its sing-songy and dark and twisted and oh so much of a laugh at Michael's expense.

title: Self Destruction
author: Natalie
couple: Maria/Michael, Isabel/Michael, Maria/Alex
why recced: rips my heart out. it hurts and ohmygodleavesmeonthefloorinpain. gah. go expecting pain. and then somebody find me Mnemosyne's "Definition of the Dark" as it is another part of this. and then there is "Of Past Regret and Future Fear" by Eden. its called the "Please, Just a Dream" series, and cause great emotional anguish for me. but i like it, because i am a glutton for punishment. the whole thing was on Mnemosyne's site, but thats gone! *cries*

Title: I Dont Care Much
Author: Kate
Rating: R
Pairing: Kyle/Maria
Why Recced: Maria is going like Elsie. dark AU of roswell and Kyle and Maria. and oh, poor Kyle. wanting and wanting to ask, and be supportive, but not able. ouch. followed by Relish, which focuses on Sean and Brody.

Title: Insomnia and Ice Cubes
Author: Marianna
Author's site: none found
Rating: PG 13
Pairing/Character: Kyle UC
Why recced: what do you do when the one person you want is the one person you arent supposed to? Kyle thinks about his almost sister, and its killing him. I love the very vivid descriptions of the ice and the want and yum. hot story, even if there is no smut. Insest tastes like sour milk, so cold and wonderful looking in the glass, but it makes you gag going down.

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