Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Nodame Final Score!


Nodame: Still adorable!
Nodame talking to one of her toys, with a cartoon heart floating by her head

Chiaki: Still fuckable beautiful
Chiaki holding a flower and almost smiling. A blimp behind him has Jean's smiling face

Chiaki holding off Nodame with one hand on her forehead. She's smiling and has her hands out.

Nodame hugging Chiaki around the waist. She looks gleeful, and he looks pleased.

I really really enjoyed this! Very fun, very in keeping with the drama/specials, i thought.

I was getting worried halfway through when i realized we hadn't really seen any of Nodame kicking butt, but then i remembered the tv specials did the same thing. the first was pretty much all Chiaki, and the second dealt with Nodame finding her way. In that way, we retread some ground, but the preview for the second looks like we're going to be actually looking at some different things for Nodame, which is exciting.

Mainly, i love love love that they didn't fuck around with the romance here. Chiaki didn't backstep AT ALL from his steps into the weirdo forest. There isn't much overt lovey stuff, but it's THERE. Nodame calls him Shinichi-kun when they're alone at one point, and he's totally stopped even bothering to correct her when she introduces herself as his wife. He totally expects her to be in his apartment when he gets home, and he looks very confused when she isn't. And there is a (VERY LITTLE) physical affection - not much at ALL, and no kisses, but he puts his arm around her and hugs her without it being this huge amazing deal.

What I didnt like: NOT ENOUGH RISING STAR. Where are our secondaries? It looks like they'll be all over the place in the second one, so i have my fingers crossed, but still. I WANT MINE.

Overall, loved it, I have more caps to share (and I will, at some point), and at least one hilarious scene to show you, because HEEE!! Would love to know your thoughts, if you've seen it.
Tags: nodame, tamaki hiroshi is sex on toast

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