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TOGETHER: Momo doesn't believe this shit

Writer's Block: No place like home

What are five things you love about where you live and five things that you hate? How does it compare to previous places you've lived?

This is a tough one for me. On one hand, i LOVE where we live, and on the other, I pretty much hate it.

I love the physical where we live.
- We live on an island, and we are literally a block from the ocean or a block from the sound, which makes going to the beach so incredibly easy. We rarely put on our suits. We'll just wander down for a walk or to find some shells or splash a little for an hour or so and then we walk home. It's awesome.
-I love our apartment. It's a great size for us, even though most would probably say it's too small. 3 bedrooms, but I dont even have to unplug the vacuum once to vacuum the entire place.
-if Brandus teaches one more year at a Title 1 school, he'll have $5000 forgiven off of his student loans.

What do I hate?
-I hate the schools around us. Which, seeing as we're teachers, kinda sucks. The politics and the set up of the schools around here, especially testing, is awful. I believe that standardized tests should have a place in things, but i do NOT think you should be telling an EIGHT YEAR OLD that they can't go into the next grade because they failed the end of year exams. What about the rest of the year?
-we're 45 minutes from a major marine base. I have no problems with the military or anything, but it DEFINITELY colors the politics and the beliefs around here. I'll give you a hint, Brandus and I are both screamingly liberal and non-Christian. These things do not fly so well around here. It makes it hard to find like minded people when you don't want to open your mouth for fear of pissing off your principal or a parent, or a teacher who just used the word "niglet" to describe some black children (NO IM NOT JOKING OMG).
-it's really fucking hot. we've been at a ridiculous heat index for weeks. and omg so humid. and i'm USED to humidity
-Brandus really really hates it. Mostly the schools and the military/conservative issue.

So, I am torn. This is why for the last two years, we've been planning to move. But with the job situation, even for special ed teachers, we can't justify picking up and going somewhere without jobs already lined up. Plus, we can't fucking decide on where we want to move.

I could happily put down some roots here, but..maybe we're leaving next summer. Maybe we're not. It's all over confusing.


or a teacher who just used the word "niglet" to describe some black children


I don't know if that's a conservative issue so much as it is an asshole issue.
I agree. How crass. And they probably thought they were being cute!
I know what you mean. My family moved last October so we haven't even been here a year - there's things I really like but mostly tons of things I really hate or miss about our old home...
As a born and raised Bay-Stater, I also had a hell of a time adjusting to living in the south when I was there for college. I had the same issue; I'm super liberal and while I am Christian, I'm Catholic, which is not terribly popular in the south (helllo KKK).

From the postcard you sent, it really looks like an absolutely lovely place. I'd love being able to walk to the beach! But at the same time, with all the negativity, it doesn't seem worth it. MAY I SUGGEST MASSACHUSETTS? We're super liberal! The only problem here is the cost of living. Rhode Island might be worth looking at though. Still New England, so you get the same attitude, but also cheaper. Plus, you could very easily get a place nearby the ocean.

Okay, I'll stop pimping New England now...
I think your conservative coworkers would drive me to frothing insanity. "Niglet"? Really? aaaaauuuugggghhhhhh, I can't even imagine having to deal with that.

Well, I would suggest the California Bay Area as a possible location to move to, but that is probably because I am native Californian, born and bred, and possibly a little tiny bit biased. Just maybe. Screamingly liberal is the default around here, and we have lots of coastline to choose from. Unfortunately our cost of living is also sky-high, the whole state is broke, and when balancing the budget we tend to screw the school system. (Don't get me started on that... *twitch*) But the weather is nice...
Move next to me! The schools are good, it's technically a city but still has a small town feel and everyone has been super friendly.

Of course, it's also cheese country, and there's not much to do. But you'd have us! :D
I can't exactly wax poetic about Bingo, though we've been here for just under a year. I think next week is our one year anniversary or some crap. I like the uni, the elementary schools are theoretically good, not that we plan on taking advantage of them. We've put down roots, but we know we're leaving in four years, since that's when funding runs out.

I'm ambivalent about where I want to go after. After. If there's a medievalist position somewhere that's ideally not in the South. I'd love to go back to CA, but as has been said before, it's fucking expensive, and the school system's getting buttfucked without the benefit of a reach-around. Upstate NY is nice, but I'm tired of small-town rednecks, and dammit, I want real Japanese food!

At least we have good pizza. And a good Asian grocery store, where I can buy frozen unagi and gummy candies.
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