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Stupid Writing Experiment

1) i just found out Ralph Fiennes is in Goonies. he is one of the guys standing at the well. why did i not know this? i am completely and totally happy that Lord Voldemort was in Goonies. yes. brings me joy.

2) i love Joan of Arcadia. and also, probably should not watch it, as i get bunnies that following through to their conclusions cause my brain to break.

bunnies=hurt. should remember this. as this fic nearly ate my soul. which is funny, as its a God-fic. i have no clue if it makes any sense to anyone but me, but i like the idea that the avatars are aware and moving around and interacting whether Joan is around or not. the fact that GothGod passed her in the hall and went to his locker without talking to her sparked this. is very short, not quite 700 words, so excuse any insanity.

i also have a lamp/crazy camp/letter fic in my head. this is not good. somebody stop me, before i have another whole fandom i write regularly in. gah.

well, anyway, any critique or comments are welcome. i dont think this is finished, actually, but i couldnt come up with enough avatars i know enough about.

Title: Multifaceted
Author: alianora
Fandom: Joan of Arcadia
Summery: God is everywhere.
Authors Notes: Stupid Writing Experiment. Not my fault.

The deely boppers on her head bobbed along as she walked along. Her ball was tucked safely under her arm, and the distracted frown on her small face showed her concentration.

There was a car that was going to come around the corner too fast in a few minutes. At the moment, there was boy too close to the curb, but he would move when his sister fell and skinned her knee.

The woman over there lost her daughter over a year ago and she was watching other kids playing again. This was the fourth time this month she was here. Her husband did not know where she was, but had brought her home a new puppy in an effort to cheer her up. He was currently mopping up an accident and worrying about his wife.

One of the kids on the playground had cancer, but he would make it. His best friend at the hospital would go into remission, but then slip into a coma when he was 14 and would not wake up.

A father was busy planning for his son’s fifth birthday party, and was hoping the pretty single mother in his son’s playgroup would be able to make it. She would, and they would hit it off and move in together in less than a year. They would be married by her daughter’s fifth birthday.

She bounced her ball a few times, and exchanged a nod with the guy on the skateboard.


He barreled down the road weaving in front of a car that was coming around the corner too fast. The car slammed on the brakes, and a little boy ran over to check on his sister in the sandbox.

The skateboarder passed a little girl with glasses bouncing a ball and raised a hand as he passed.

He swerved off the curb to avoid the ambulance that would be passing by soon, then jumped a pile of boxes that had not yet fallen off of a truck.

The man he passed had just gotten a promotion at work and planned to propose to his girlfriend that night. The ring was already in his pocket. She was moving to Chicago and would turn him down.

He took a hard left and headed towards the high school.

There were a few students skipping class at the coffee shop a few blocks down. American Literature. They were reading Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat” today.

The skateboarder nodded at a tall boy wearing a dog collar standing on the school lawn.


The boy lifted a hand as the skateboarder headed off, almost running down a student who was attempting to sneak off campus.

He headed back into the school, sidestepping a cheerleader who was going to flunk her math test next period.

His locker had a map of the world and a dog-eared copy of Only Begotten Daughter stuck in the corner underneath a pile of schoolbooks. The two freshmen that shared the locker beside his celebrated their mother’s birthday the night before and brought cake for lunch.

Not very healthy, but one of them was going to get a stomach flu tomorrow and would blame it on the cake.

The Chinese restaurant she ate dinner at tonight would get a citation for improperly kept meat next week.

The teacher at the end of the hall had gone out on a date last night and gotten pictures taken at one of the photo booths at the fair. She had two of the pictures in her pocket. Her husband had stuck out his tongue and she was making a monkey face. She would have to send two kids to the office today for fighting and would go home and tell her husband she was not cut out to be a teacher.

The two kids would get suspended for three days, and one would go home and help his mother do the grocery shopping and would discover his love for cooking.

An older woman with half moon glasses and a stern face frowned at him as he passed.

TBC, possibly.

i dont know how i feel about this, in all honesty. i like the idea, but im not sure it is coming out the way i want. basically, i figure if i post it, it will get out of my head and leave me alone.

so please, critique.

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