Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Mei-chan and her cradle robbing, grandfather approved butler boyfriend

I've been reading the Mei-chan manga, which I thought i had tried to read before, but the drawings in the manga I remember and what im currently reading are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, so now I'm bothered by the fact i have no idea what i tried to read before...

regardless (and forgive me for being so posty the last couple of days - sick kid = random boredom throughout the day), i've been reading it, and generally enjoying it - especially comparing the drama to the manga.

Like the fact that Mei is 13, Rihito is (as far as I can figure, 21), and in the very first chapter, her grandfather told Rihito that grandpere wanted Rihito to marry Mei, so he might as well sleep with her to tie her to him.

To his credit, he promptly pointed out the age difference, but didnt go into the fact the thought was incredibly CREEPY.

however, in chapter 18, Rihito just swooped in and kissed her.


Oh, Japan.

ETA: on the other hand, grandpa Hongo's permission to Rihito and various other things (Rihito slumping down onto the floor after kissing Mei, Zoicite putting the moves on Mei with a bit more aggressiveness) DO make me think thinky things about writing.
Tags: manga is evil, mei-chan's hot butler

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