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E2: A True Smile

Girlcrush: Hirosue Ryoko

Girlcrush: Hirosue Ryoko

Who is she: Japanese actress, also a singer, but I havent heard any of her music.

Why I love her: I fell for her understated acting in the 1990's jdrama, Summer Snow, where she played a woman with a serious heart condition who decides to learn to scuba dive. I didn't see her again until Yakuso to Kenji, where she hilariously plays a former gang leader. She's been in a lot of things, including the Luc Besson film Wasabi, which I havent seen.

She has a fresh face. She isn't cutesy or overwhelmingly gorgeous, there is something very real about her, and that appeals to me so much.

She does have a quirky smile, which I find so very endearing.

And then, of course, she brings the hotness.

Does anyone else think she looks...creepily young here? Is it just me?

She's been in 8 billion things, including Triangle, MR BRAIN, and a Luc Besson movie, so seriously, check her out, as she is pretty awesome. Im thinking I need a Yasuko to Kenji rewatch here pretty soon - anybody with me?


Ooh! This is so funny. I've actually been trying to put together a picspammy Top Ten Ladies list, since I love when people do top tens and ladies always need more love, and while searching for more photos of ladies I already love, I actually saw this woman's face and though she was so striking! She's so lovely in an interesting, natural way that I like. But I've never even seen her in anything! I think I need to fix that! Perhaps I will get sucked into watching Yasuko to Kenji for the first time by your influence? I've wanted to see it eventually since it has MABO and Ohkura but that time could be now! :DD

I really like that first photo of her and the black-and-white ones in the middle. Pretttty. Thanks for sharing with us! ♥
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