Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Dream A Little Dream

This is a dream I had a while back, that I just found in an email to literarylemming and rinalin, which I am posting here because it (and my brain that came up with it) still makes me boggle.


Very weird.

Want to know what’s weirder? Last night’s dream. In which I was involved in a competition to win Sho’s hand in marriage.

It involved scaling poles and searching the ceiling. I was in second place. And then his mother is there while the person in first place did…something, and we all sat around and watched inside a crowded store. And his mother was smiling at me, and emphasizing how the person who won would be the one who FOUND THE RING.

And there, behind me, was the ring. One of the plastic, adjustable wedding rings you buy at Michael’s to use on wedding favors. And then the first place girl said something about BOTH rings, so I’m hiding the one I have on my finger (on my ring finger, and beside it on my middle finger is my actual engagement and wedding ring, but that didn’t occur to me that it was weird) and looking around frantically for the second ring, and I found it TOO, so I won.

But nobody seemed particularly happy about this, and Sho was very polite, but I got the feeling he thought I had stumbled into it and wasn’t really interested in marrying him, but he signed me a very nice card about how it was his fault that he had misplaced the ring.

Let me be clear that, as far as I knew, he was in no way disappointed that he would have to marry me, he was disappointed that he thought I didn't want to marry him but was going to feel obligated to.


what about you? Any entertaining dreams lately?
Tags: funny, i have arashi, it's possible im unhinged, sho fails and wins my heart

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