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BIGBANG: TY-Bite my lip you're adorable

I Love You More and More

1. I can't believe how long this is taking me or how utterly anal i seem to be, but here's the brand new spreadsheet of dramas and asian movies.

Comments on what's there, recs for what isnt, suggestions for genre, mocking laughter or whatever is welcome.

I'm STILL working on the manga sheet, too, and comments and whatever are welcome.

Both sheets are constantly in a state of incomplete, so feel free to make suggestions about better organization.

2. I'm working on uploading my OOOOLD fic to AO3. My Roswell fics are tagged baby's first fandom, so feel free to click through if you are willing to overlook the fact that this is all MY FIRST FIC EVER, so I'm a little protective and sentimental about it.

3. Kingyo Sou has been updated! I honestly thought it was complete, so seeing a new chapter caused high pitched dolphin noises to come out of my mouth. This is the manga about the deaf Taiko player. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

4. Please help me with my kpop addictions. I can now do the OK dance from 2PM's Without You, and I can't stop listening to Big Bang's Lies. HALP.


I am so relieved to find somebody else who watched the Honey and Clover movie (Sho, I didn't even know Sho was in it, let alone watch just because he was! XD) and then couldn't get into the drama (Toma, you just aren't as epic as Sho).
Toma, you just aren't as epic as Sho

That's it exactly. Toma just doesnt have the same..innocent charm that Sho can pull off. And I really like Toma!
Doesn't filling in the spreadsheet make you feel accomplished? I really love my Google Docs.

"baby's first fandom" is a good tag. I have all sorts of tags for my old fic "early fandom" and "embarrassing old fic." I'm already angsting about my second and third fandoms; I don't know if I'm up for archiving my *first* one!

Please help me with my kpop addictions.

I'm sorry, there is NO HELP WHATSOEVER. You're doomed.
i feel addicted to the spreadsheet. I keep thinking of things to add. I still have SO MANY BOOKMARKS to go through. I should probably be appalled at myself.

"baby's first fandom" just feels right. I thought about "early fandom," but i personally found that to be less than satisfying for my rosfic, at least. "embarrassing old fic" doesnt work, because im not embarrassed of much of it. some of it i cringe hard core, but most of it, i can see the beginnings of my own style and turns of phrase, and i can remember how proud of it i was when it was first written.

You're doomed.

Your spreadsheet inspired me to reorganize my own. And to add movies to the mix. Right now, I only have the "omg, nooooo!" ones listed.

I started with "embarrassing old fic" because I *am* embarrassed. It's not necessarily that the fic in question is bad, it's just really uncritically shippy. And melodramatic. I've yet to hit on a tag for my older fic that really *works* for me.

(The last time I checked, Mei-chan was wranglerless. If you're interested.)
YAY! Im glad my anal tendencies helped...inspire your own? or something? im still doing some tweaking, and will continue to do so as things are added, but there were just TOO MANY DRAMAS for just one spreadsheet page.

i plan to go and read every single one of your rosfics at some point soon. just so you know.

The last time I checked, Mei-chan was wranglerless. If you're interested

Adding more pages makes *so much sense.* I'm embarrassed that I didn't think of it until I saw you doing it.

i plan to go and read every single one of your rosfics at some point soon. just so you know.

*I* don't even know where all of my rosfics are. I have most of them saved on disc, but there are a few lost forever to the internet.
One day I'll have to do that spreadsheet thing. The same day I decide to actually write in my livejournal.

A for what's on the spreadsheet, I LOVED Ohitorisama and Hanayome to Papa. I love those two dramas like mad and I definitely recommend them.

I can kind of see why people's reaction to Hanayome to Papa is 'MY FEMINISM LIGHTS ME ON FIRE', but I guess since I grew up with Bollywod, I can somewhat relate to it. There is some feminism in that series, it's just that it's a ridiculously subtle Asian type of feminism. Plus, while the whole, "try to choose between family and career" thing is annoying, but since they support a balance of both in the show, I can deal with it. Anyway, I definitely recommend them both.

Dear god, I'm incapable of writing short comments.
Looking through your spreadsheets made me want to do my own. XD I was very amused by all the "recced at Rainscene" notes, because I think my own list would contain many of the same. Rainscene is dangerous. Also, omfg WATCH TIGER AND DRAGON! It is probably my favorite jdrama ever. There is crackyness and friendship and actual character development.
oooh, i wanna see yours if you do one! i like being nosy in other people's drama viewing habits!

Rainscene is CRAZY DANGEROUS. She makes the most horrific angst sound like fun to watch!
Hahaha. Crazy angst is why I'm incredibly paranoid about starting any kdrama.

here is a link to my spreadsheet. It kind of ate my day yesterday, and now I have to go update it anyway, because subs for the first episode of Tumbling are out. :)
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