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Writer's Block: Too scary!!

Was there something you were afraid of as a child that just seems silly to you now?

As a child, I had a closet that had the slatted doors. I was absolutely convinced that Freddy Kruger was hiding in there. It was worse with the light on - then I would be able to see his shadow as he dragged his creepy knife-y fingers over the slats and i am officially creeping myself out, so nevermind, this is clearly not a silly fear!

...I was, however, afraid of turtlenecks. I'm still afraid of them, but I know now that it's silly. They won't come alive and choke me, i'll just get stuck trying to put it on and asphyxiate and die that way. That's much more reassuring.


I'm also still afraid of turtlenecks, but mainly because they're not an attractive item of clothing on anyone.

I had years of nightmares after watching Jurassic Park and I'm still not very good with dinosaurs, I occasionally have daytime dream sequences where they take over the world and I'm running and trying to hide but the pesky things find me and eat me anyway. I think this means I should be less out of it during the day!
re turtlenecks: worst clothing ever. I hate them, and can't wear them.

Incidentally, I was totally opposite you in the dinosaur thing. My best friend and I were OBSESSED with dinosaurs and Jurassic Park (it was also the reason we became bffs in the first place). We would reenact scenes from the movie. We even went to see it at a drive in theater that was pretty far away because they were the only ones still playing it. At school we had epic battles between friends, where my friend and I were dinosaurs, and the others were unipegs (unicorn/pegasus hybrids). I think the fact that I was into giant carnivorous lizard creatures as a child rather than magical gentle horses says something about me...

... I want a dinosaur icon...
OMG I HAD THE EXACT SAME FEAR. Down to the closet doors. I used to have panic attacks because I thought FOR SURE he was going to slide his knife fingers under my door, and kill me and my family.
One Halloween my sister said she was going to dress up like Freddy and hide in the woods to scare me (keep in mind, I was probably only 4 or 5, and she's 12 years older than me, and thus would have been the correct height and shape for Freddy).

Incidentally I wasn't able to watch Nightmare on Elm Street until maybe 3 years ago (wherein I discovered that the movie is camptastic, not horribly scary), and only did so in an effort to watch all of Johnny Depp's movies (... long story).
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