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WILLOW: Double Brownie Facepalm

Things Which Have Pissed Me Off

1. Capping the fight scenes in Ninja Assassin. WHY MUST YOU MOVE SO QUICKLY, RAIN? WHY?

Also, I find myself getting continuously distracted by how shiny and swishy his hair is, especially the scene when he and Mika go to meet whatshisname and it's bad news for Raizo. His head falls forward and his hair goes SWISH and I go *hands*, and it's all very ridiculous.

It's especially crazy because it's RAIN, and regardless of how pretty his abs are and how amazing he looks in low slung pants, he is the very definition of ridiculous*.

*i would totally be linking you to the absolutely awesome interview he did about Ninja Assassin, where it's a straightforward serious conversation IN ENGLISH, and then the interviewer asks him what he wants to do now, and Rain says he wants to go "hit on a lot of chicks."

2. we owe money to the government, and i am mopey and pissed about the amount.

3. entertainment in general is pissing me off

-Glee pissed me off last night, and i hate ALL the characters, pretty much, because everyone was loathsome and annoying, and it was a crappy episode anyway.

-Bones last week pissed me off, because SWEETS WHAT ARE YOU DOING BRINGING THAT UP and then i was all YESSS! and then was followed immediately by NOOOOOO, with the occasional happy croon of ZAAAAAACK.

-I watched the jmovie Baby Baby Baby, which I was expecting good things from - and then the female editor of a magazine got knocked up, her boss smiled and said pregnancy was a woman's ultimate dream and so he was taking her job and giving it to her obnoxious, undermining, male underling. She quit, and I wouldve been down with that if she had not let that stop her and had gone about LOOKING FOR A JOB or doing anything except for growing a baby, and if the doctor hadnt kept talking about how important "her husband" is to the process, even though she's told the doc multiple times that they are NOT MARRIED THANK YOU.

-Paper Heart is a weird partial documentary type movie starring Michael Cera's girlfriend, whose name escapes me at the moment. it annoyed me because she did. i guess she's a comedian? but the stand up they showed from her made me cringe in the same way Napoleon Dynamite made me cringe, so i turned it off.

-The Guild. I so wanted to enjoy this. I SO WANTED TO ENJOY THIS. and then one of the guildies is a mom who doesnt notice for a whole week that her nanny had quit, and so her little girls were forced into eating what they could find, so..crayons. did i mention she's a stay at home mom? and then Tink babysits, and puts them in a dog crate, and wow, this was bothering me more and more and MORE, and then i found myself fast forwarding through a whole heck of a fucking lot, so i stopped watching somewhere around the stunt guy debacle and the girls' party.

that said, I did like Cyd/Codex.

4. i have 2 new students, and still one only aide. the children now outnumber us 4 to 1. the principal says there are no plans to get me another aide or any valium.

Two new students, plus 1 who just started a few weeks before spring break and still cries and cries and cries and omg cries a vast part of the new, plus my original 5 who are having some issues transitioning back from spring break. this has been shown by the number of times one student has thrown himself to the floor and kicked and screamed, the fact that all the kids currently want to stand on the furniture for no apparent reason, and the shrieking meltdowns my extremely anal child has had about the fact that i have put two new picture schedules up for the new kids WHERE SOMETHING ELSE USED TO GO.


Virtualdub! You can open a movie (or drama) and go frame-by-frame to get the screencap you want.
I can slow it WAAAAY down in VLC, which is what I've been doing. It just takes so freaking LONG. I'll have to check out Vdub, though. There are some shots I just can't get this way. Thanks!

On the other hand, RAAAAAAAAIN!!! (this is probably the worst fight scene i've had to cap - the stupid SHEET gets so in the way!)

I feel so much better about my life. At least my students bake me cookies and send me random postcards from Vegas. Well, one of them. When they aren't drawing penises on the roll sheet.
I'd take the penises if it meant cookies.

...er..that sounds really really wrong.


But I was watching with friends and couldn't turn it off.

...your kids are too much. *pets soothing*
i didnt even make it 10 minutes, it was so bad. gah. you have my sympathy.
I LOVE NINJA ASSASSIN. It's choreographed and cinematic nonsense, the fights are just over the top and his favorite weapon is the kurosegama, which I should know how to spell better because it was MY weapon of choice in our Shadowrun campaign. Because really? That weapon is the hotness. Yes. ::nods firmly::

I'm sorry about the rest of the suckage. :(
it is GLORIOUS ridiculousness! I love it so much i even bought it, and that isnt something i do anymore. i love his favored weapon, and hey, now i know its name!
Just remember that you're beautiful and we love you and that the writers of the show(s) are a bunch of dweebs who don't understand the characters like you do. Sorry about the crying children. I had an episode of "scary toilets" at my dance class on Monday. Basically two of my little guys (4 & supposedly 6) decided that the toilets weren't the right toilets for them to go in. It's always an adventure!
I had an episode of "scary toilets" at my dance class on Monday

*cringe* that sounds..messy. or potentially messy, anyway. i hope it wasnt!
No, but I ended up having to get parents to take their kids to the potty (and go in with them) since they wouldn't go by themselves. We didn't have an accident, but it was funny & frustrating at the same time!
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