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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Grr Argh

Am frustrated, do not think the new update page likes me. am fairly convinced, as it has eaten 2 posts of recs that i tried to post to minionsficrecs, which needs Gilmore Girl recs in celebration of the new season. yes.

also, it lists icons in a different order than they are offered in comments. very frustrating, as i rotate in a specific pattern, and this screws up the pattern completely. bastage.

also am tired and hungry and slightly cranky. am planning on blaming others, but havent decided who.

have 2 gg plot bunnies in my head (not counting the bedamned chupah fic), one from Lindsey's pov about marriages and stuffs, and one about Luke and Liz and what they must be talking about while they are up in Maine and she is broken and he is calling Lorelai all the time.

shut up, that is what is happening right now, i know it.

have not yet started my ship_manifesto on Candy. at least, havent started typing. have some parts on paper. cant decide if i want to call it "Sweet and Spicy" which is slightly overused, or confuse all non Roswellians and call it "The Last Alien on Earth." or come up with something completely different and call it "About Vibrators," which would probably only amuse me. id call it "The Hitlist" but the only person who would get that would be sirkpega, and it wouldnt be entirely appropriate, because i still dont have a good still of bren with a gun.

still havent started roswell ficathon assignment either, which is bad. as i only have three daysuntil october 1. someone is going to hate me, and i apologize in advance. but i swear, i do have an idea! and possibly a scene! but nothing typed. or written. or really, anything more than doodled.

basically, i am evil, and lazy and very very bad. but im going to visit krispy tomorrow and she loves me and it will be FUN. ha!

*crosses fingers and hits 'post'*

ETA: someone defriended me. which is fine, im not whining. but i cant figure out who it was and its making me insane. insaner-er?



^^go there and you can figure out who defriended you. :D
oh hey thanks!

*goes to stalk whoever left her*
Either of these are good: "The Last Alien on Earth," or, "About Vibrators." (Hee! I remember the "vibrators" episode. So cute.) The contrast title is too overused--there are tons of fandoms with ship names and/or archives like sweet and spicy, or more commonly, fire and ice, etc.

The contrast title is too overused

see, thats what i was worried abouut. i can think of at least 2 roswell sites that use that as a title without straining myself.

Id love to use "About Vibrators" but im not sure i could actually write it into the manifesto without giggling hysterically. because i am 12.
Id love to use "About Vibrators" but im not sure i could actually write it into the manifesto without giggling hysterically. because i am 12.

I'm with you, there! (I actually requested M&M, "a matched set of vibrators" on the old Roswell keeper's list, back during season one).
I balanced out the random defriending by adding you to my list. ;)

Anyway. New GG fic? Yay. And the world always needs GG recs, so I hope you update that page soon, and that I remember to check it.
whoo! ive been friended! i feel so special! lol. :)

and yes, i have 2 gg fics stuck in the mire of my brain at the moment. and i will attempt my gg recs again. *glares at update page*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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