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CARTOON: Wheeler

From One Shiny Thing to Another

I think I've glutted myself on manga for the moment, and cannot concentrate on any that I look at. I think I'm done for a bit.

So naturally, last night I followed links from links to more links and ended up in Harry Potter fanfic, which is the first time in a long while Ive read a)hp and b)fic.

And now I have a hankering for more. I'm not particular as to fandom or ship, though if you know something you think I would like, feel free, but otherwise, oh mighty flist, please to rec me a fic you have enjoyed lately, in any fandom that strikes your fancy. I'm looking for things to hold my easily diverted attention for a while.


Big Bang Theory - The Paladin Protocol by spaceanjl is eating my brain today, though it's a 20 piece WIP.
You can always poke at everything I've ever written. It's here on LJ in my memories or on AO3. :)

I also have fics saved in my memories, if you feel like poking in there. My memories categories are fairly straightforward. :)
You want fic for your fandoms? Or just random fic? I can rec you Trek!Reboot up the ass (including some of that) and Merlin (BBC) as well. And Fullmetal Alchemist. Can you tell what I've been reading lately?

(It takes my mind off Ovid.)
*waves hand vaguely* whatever you got hanging around is fine. I like the reboot, so hey. and id be willing to try the Fullmetal, even though i havent seen it. merlin holds no interest for me.
Kirk/McCoy LONG but good.

FMA Roy/Ed, plus two sequels. Grammar's kinda iffy, but still, good. With bonus underage porn. Read the top three (Adventures of Roy Mustang, Better Living Through Alchemy, and whatever the one under it is)

Kirk and Spock raise a kid. You know what I sucker I am for kidfic.


Say goodbye to all your free time? XD
I second the bye bye to free time comment here.

From a purely objective perspective, of course. Nothing to do with personal experience here.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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