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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Why I Need Any More Hobbies Like I Need a Hole in My Head

Here's what i've done in February and half of March, so far, not including things like work, sleep, stare blankly, and read Percy Jackson:


Drama K.O. - 37 complete episodes in 5 different shows, all Japanese.


Sleeping Bride - a boy finds a girl sleeping in a hospital, and the nurse tells him she's Sleeping Beauty. He comes regularly and tells her, "Wake up, I'm a prince," and kisses her. And then one day she wakes up. Very sweet.

The Great Happiness Space (Tales of an Osaka Love Thief) - documentary about a host club. Fascinating! By the end I felt for everybody, both the hosts and their clients.

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea - Voldemort has only seen this is Japanese, and has absolutely no problem telling me what is going on and who everyone is. Adorable!

My Neighbor Totoro - my kid fell in love with it in English, but I could only find the subbed online. He doesn't seem to care either way.

Saigo no Yakusoka - Arashi's SP where they are all stuck in a hostage situation. Very entertaining, and I honestly wasn't expecting the twist.

Yonimo Kimyouna Monogatari - short SP where Sho plays a guy who tries to discover a talent for music through magic candy. Worth it for seeing him molest lollipops.

Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru - Sho is a yankee who in the first fifteen minutes has set a teacher's hair on fire and removed one of his own toenails with a knife. Based on a true story.

Kamikaze Girls - I love Ichigo and her complete inability to leave Momoko alone. Was wildly disturbed when I discovered Momoko was in Yatterman as the dominatrix who really just wanted to be a housewife and have babies.


1/2 Prince - wip
The first crossdresser in virtual gaming. Wonder how long it will take everyone else to find her out? Enjoyable.

Aishiteruze Baby - complete
High school boy tends to small child - a trope to which I am very very weak. Cute, but the ending isn't very strong at all.

Dengeki Daisy - wip
Daisy is the name of someone on the other end of her text messages, and the only thing she has left after her brother dies. Far more interesting and entertaining than it sounds. Our girl has guts, and she's willing to protect what's important to her.

Koukou Debut - complete
I tried. I did. And [profile] princess_dexter says I should try again, but omg i can only stand so much stupid. I liked it until the kiss, and then I just wanted to hit her in the head repeatedly and shriek "WHY ARE YOU AN IDIOT?" Also, I am sad to say that the boy doesn't do much for me. Will probably try again after I've read everything else in existance.

Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare - wip
A maid with a deadly weapon: a mop. This is a weird one, but I'm interested to see where it's going. He's got secrets, and I want to know them!

Kingyo Sou - complete
HELLO I LOVE THIS PLEASE READ NOW NOW NOW. A girl falls in love with a deaf taiko player, and it's this beautiful story. This is the first time I cried WHILE READING MANGA. There's one scene where she is SO upset, and she's turning her face away from him while she's crying and talking, and he's desperately trying to see her face so he can figure out what she's saying, but she doesn't want him to, and he doesn't understand and OMG MY HEART. Beautiful and hopeful and a very sweet love story.

Suki-tte Ii na yo - wip
Good thing he likes unusual girls, seeing as she just kicked him in the face. Very realistic, it feels to me - deals with sex and relationships and our protagonist is not your typical shoujo girl. No cheerful smiles in the face of adversary here! She's blunt and withdrawn and kind of bad tempered, and he likes her because of it.

SOLD OUT - complete
Save yourself some time, and just punch yourself in the face. She goes to buy a dress, the salesman compliments her, she loudly declares she loves him and then the stalking commences. MINDBLOWINGLY STUPID. Comes with the quote: "I'LL FOLLOW YOU LIKE A GOLDFISH'S POOP!"

Special A - complete
Another dense heroine! But this one I don't actually want to hit repeatedly! She's been competing with him since they were kids, and she ALWAYS comes in second place to him. Hilarious and silly, with random bonus gender bending in later chapters! I find him very adorable, as he's been in love with her forever, but 1)he never confesses, and 2) she's as dense as a board, so when he does, she tells him he's her best friend. Plus, I really like the fact that she is capable! She is smart and athletic and can do amazing things.

You're My Girlfriend - complete
short work from the Special A mangaka. She has good intentions, but always seems to say the absolute wrong thing. He can't resist giving girls makeovers. Together, she thinks he's gay and he just wants her to have friends! Fun and silly.


I am judging you for not liking Kou Kou Debut. DO YOU FEEL MY JUDGMENT?
I told her to try it again. ;_;
Haruna is one of my favorite shoujo heroines ever. ;____;
I LOVE HER SO MUCH, AND FOR SO MANY REASONS. Like, the time she was bullied by those girls and got into a fight with them and then apologised to Yoh for winning? And the time she saw something coming towards Yoh so she pushed him out of the way and it was a softball and she caught it with one hand and then just chucked it back with extreme force? And EVERY TIME SHE WAS IN A PANEL?!

I feel if they made Koukou Debut into a twdrama, they'd get Ella to play Haruna, and she would be amazing.
I loved everything about the fight scene, especially the way Yoh ran into her afterwards and was like ?!?!" at his dirty disheveled brawling girlfriend and then he just laughed and held her hand and they walked home. And do you remember when they got locked in a freezing room? And Haruna started channeling an action hero, THROWING him her sweater, saying I DON'T NEED IT! YOU JUST COVER UP YOH, I'LL BUST DOWN THE DOOR!

I think my absolute favorite moment was when they were in bed making out and Haruna was worried about being inexperienced until Yoh started blushing and admitted he'd never been with a girl either, so Haruna got all determined and was like THEN LET'S WORK HARD TOGETHER!! about losing their virginity and lol lol lol cracking up just remembering it.

I would kill for Kou Kou Debut to become a drama. ANY COUNTRY, I DON'T CARE. *__*
Haruna got all determined and was like THEN LET'S WORK HARD TOGETHER!!

ok, see, that right there? would trip my embarrassment squick into high gear and I'd have to run away. WHY WOULD SHE SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT? OMG.

i DID really like the beginning! I did! But then the denseness just threatened to overwhelm me while she was persistently setting up people who DID NOT WANT TO BE SET UP, and then I had to go away before I started shrieking.
But her denseness leads to some AWESOME MOMENTS! Like when another boy stole a kiss and Yoh had a very unique way of dealing with her guilt.
Special A is entertaining enough, but the main girl's obtuseness really grates, especially when it's SO OBVIOUS HE LOVES HER. That said, I have a weak spot for emotionally crippled, dour heroes who do good things for the girls they love, so I keep reading it.

And I thought the You're My Girlfriend short was cute as well - have you heard anything about the upcoming kdrama Perfect Taste? It's about this guy (Korean Domyouji) who pretends to be gay so that he can live with a chick who wants a gay roommate. Naturally, feelings develop and hijinks occur. I'm looking forward to it!

I need to watch Saigo no Yakusoka, I NEEDS ME SOME OHNO.
the main girl's obtuseness really grates, especially when it's SO OBVIOUS HE LOVES HER

IM SORRY. ARE WE TALKING ABOUT SPECIAL A OR KOUKOU DEBUT?! HUH? *cough* sorry. but that's how I feel about Koukou Debut. THE OBTUSENESS GRATES. At least in Special A, it's shown that she doesnt read all the shoujo manga in the world and so SHOULD HAVE SOME IDEA OF WHAT IS GOING ON.


I cannot wait for Perfect Taste! I love the entire idea, and I hope to be able to roll around it in pure ecstasy!

I need to watch Saigo no Yakusoka, I NEEDS ME SOME OHNO.

mmmmmMMMmmmmmm. Although, in SnY, he is a janitor, and isn't all that hot..while Matsujun is rocking it. Go figure!
Ahaha! I think that Haruna's obtuseness comes from an innate innocence, and it's shown repeatedly that she's not the brightest spark, whereas Special A chick should know better, she's supposed to be a genius! And Haruna might have romantic fantasies from all her shoujo manga reading, but she's always a bit worried about her tomboyishness, and fears that she's not the best match for Yoh.

(If my boyfriend looked like Yoh, I'd be wondering how I managed to score him!)

Perfect Taste should be awesome, although my number one anticipated drama is definitely Oh My Lady. Single mother + hot idol? SIGN ME UP.

OHNO THE JANITOR. SnY just got better.
I'm so amused by your rapid descent in manga :)

I started reading 1/2 Prince after doing a bit of wrangling off of Wiki. I'm only at chapter 5, but it is pretty fun so far.

You need to at least try a bit of Fruits Basket. I don't know if you'll like Tohru, but Furuba is THE big shoujo title.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed Kamikaze Girls! I was a bit "meh" about it at first, but I enjoy it more and more every time I watch it. So gorgeous!
I'm so amused by your rapid descent in manga

*weeps* you mock my pain and suffering.

I plan on trying Fruits Basket. At the moment, Im reading Ouran High Host Club..or trying to. So far, it's not really pinging for me. I went through the entire list of shoujo manga at onemanga, and clicked on anything that caught my attention except for the really big ones that i knew i'd remember the titles - Fruits Basket, Ouran High, Nana...

Any other recs?

Kamikaze wasn't what I was expecting, but i did enjoy it, and it IS very pretty! the joy for me was meeting unicorn guy and being able to yell, "PINKO-SAN!"
*weeps* you mock my pain and suffering.

I feel that this is an important thread in our relationship up to this point.

I'm a few volumes behind on Ouran, but I love it to bits. Haruhi is one of my top three shoujo heroines. ♥ If you don't click with the manga, the anime may appeal to you more--I know that a lot of people prefer the anime over the manga.

On the shoujo front, most of my faves you already know, or don't like: Ouran, Skip Beat! Hana Kimi, The Wallflower. Maybe Vampire Game? She's a spoiled--but not ditzy!--princess in love with her bodyguard. There's an ancient vampire reincarnated as the princess' pet cat--he's out to destroy her bloodline, but ends up with feelings~ for her.

Penguin Revolution is cute, and is only six volumes. He dresses as a girl for work! She dresses as a boy for work! I love the heroine a lot.

Vampire Knight is popular, although I didn't really click with it.

The first volume of LoveCom was cute, although I suspect that the relationship goes into Big Misunderstand and obtuseness territory.

Most of the manga I follow is actually shounen: Eyeshield 21, One Piece, Hikaru no Go, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, GetBackers (DEFINITELY go for the anime over the manga if you want to try GetBackers--I love them both, but the anime is much easier to deal with, and get your hands on).

Hmm. I'll dig through my manga collection and see if anything jumps out at me.
I feel that this is an important thread in our relationship up to this point.

...you have a point. Why do i like you, again?

Im not particularly looking for shoujo, that's just what I started with for ease of navigation. I just havent finished making my way through the whole list on onemanga, yet. When I do, I will then move on to other genres. Penguin Revolution sounds entertaining! I'll have to track it down. LoveCom I havent tried yet, because I adore the movie, and didnt feel like seeing if the manga made my brain explode.
I'd assumed you enjoyed affectionate mockery! :)

When you hit shounen, I'd recommend Hikaru no Go as a good starting point. A lot of the shounen that *I* read (I can't speak for every title out there) are EPIC in length, and have really long fight scenes. Hikago, on the other hand, involves a boy, a ghost, his rival, and professional go. It's a lot more interesting than the summary might suggest.

Penguin Revolution is adorable fluff, yes.

The first volume of LoveCom is a lot like the movie, if I recall correctly. While I enjoyed it, I never went further because the summary of future volumes made it sound like there was a lot of "I like you"/"no wait, no I don't!"
I'd assumed you enjoyed affectionate mockery!

well. i GUESS. so long as there is affection in it!

I will look Hikary no Go up! thanks!

I wouldnt suggest going about looking through the lists like i did. i found some seriously DISTURBING things. and a lot of stupid people.
i found some seriously DISTURBING things.

That's manga in a nutshell. *g*

At least you started off with scanlations. I took me a few years to get the hang of reading manga online, so I *bought* a lot of weird shit.

Have a list: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=tlj22_reiIseUNsdL6zT1Wg&hl=en.

totally off-topic and slightly stalkerish

Do you mind if I add you as a friend? I found you through drama_hunt and I think your commentary on dramas/manga/Arashi is rather amusing. (I know your user info says "friend at will" but I always feel seriously weird friending people without asking.)

Re: totally off-topic and slightly stalkerish

Feel free! And yes, i do say "friend at will" but it's more fun if someone at least says hi. :) Welcome aboard, and Im glad I amuse someone besides myself.
So I read Kingyou Sou because you recced it, and I liked it a lot! WHY ARE THERE ONLY 6 CHAPTERS? It doesn't feel finished. :( (/delurk)
isnt it GOOD? I loved it so much I've read it twice now.

and yes, I want to see him come back or see her go there, or SOMETHING.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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