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ARASHI: Sho - *keysmash*

Drama K.O.: The Quiz Show 2

Eps originally watched: 1/10

FINISHED! I had only watched one ep of this previously, but it seemed like something that required little brain activity, plus has the side benefit of Sakurai Sho as a crazy man, plus I was still in the mood for jdramas, so i went with this one.

Under the cut for caps, thoughts, and random pervyness.

Sho in a tux, with game show host hair
This is MC Kamiyama, the host of the Quiz Show, a show where you answer 7 questions correctly, and then you get the option to go for the Dream Chance. If you get it right, you get to achieve your dream. He's pouty and kinda mean, and he's Sho, so he's adorable.

Sho with flat hair dressed in white in a white room. He has crazy eyes.
crazy Sho looking down. Significant collarbone going on here.
crazy Sho looking desperate
This is what the famous MC looks like when he isn't on stage - BUGFUCK CRAZY! ..a..and also highly lickable, BUT THAT ISNT THE POINT. Stop perving on the crazy man, alia. Holy crap look at his COLLAR BONE. *drool* He yells and grabs his head and rolls around on the floor and screams. I like it.

Ryo backstage with a headset up
Ryo with his arms around crazy Sho's neck. Sho's hands are on Ryo's thighs. It looks very slashy
This is the puppetmaster director of the show. He randomly shows up to shake Kamiyama when K is in crazy mode. He's up to something. And possibly wants to have sex with Kamiyama.

the producer backstage looking intent
the AD backstage in her headset looking unsure
The Producer, because she's important, and the AD, because she is ADORABLE.

This show is VERY formulatic at first, which gets irritating right about ep 4, which is ok, because by ep 5, they start turning things upside down and shaking the crazy tree a little, and it gets much less annoying. by the end, i had no idea exactly what was going to happen, and im STILL not entirely even sure how it ENDED, in some ways, but i did enjoy it muchly! Some parts REALLY made no sense - like the producer being totally clueless about the contestants, or the fact the president of the company let the director get away with so much.

The last episode...holy shit. Seriously, halfway through and both the MC and the director are out and out SOBBING and yelling at each other, and seriously, i am going alsjaksjkaljska more out of sincere hope that they didnt have to do too many takes, because HOLY CRAP it is intense. I mean, like, nose dripping onto the floor as he rasps out in broken voiced, and gah.
Ryo in the middle of a breakdown. Head down, sobbing, nose dripping

Also! Look! Sakurai Sho in the rain! ...this is a plot point, i swear, and not just a chance to ogle him. GUH. WET. UNF.
Sho standing in the rain, looking over his shoulder at the camera
Sho looking down, standing in the rain.

DONE AND DONE AND DONE! *throws confetti*

Im pretty sure I am officially calling it quits with Drama K.O. It still has another 4 days or so before it's officially over, but im tired. im not close enough to done with anything to get anywhere. but hey, i succeeded in watching things i ahd been avoiding! *strikes BABY pose*


You have done well, my child! Another excellent knockout for Drama K.O., I'll do your banner up tomorrow.

I tried to skip through this, I'm planning on doing TQS at some point and it seems kind of twisty and something best left unspoiled. ALSO, SHO. ♥
Yes, the twistiness is best to have sprung upon you. It's more fun that way. AND SHO. LOTS OF SHO.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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