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HP: Pretty Severus

Drama K.O.: Long Love Letter

Eps Originally Watched: 4.5/11

Really, you'd think this show would be MADE for me. I mean, post apocolyptic world, Yamapi, and giant telepathic mutant spiders. And yet..and yet..I mean, I liked it, don't get me wrong, but it's definitely not my favorite anything.

Asami and Misaki are ADORABLE, truly, and I was invested in their love story. I was interested in what was going on back home, and how there seemed to be some sort of communication going on sometimes between the future and the past. But geeze, could the entire crew GET any dumber? They dont even remember there is a POOL. Crazy-sensai remains crazy and keeps trying to kill people or light them on fire or make her own harem of attractive underage boys, but they just let her run loose! WHAT THE HELL.

They really are REALLY cute, and I love their relationship. And ASAMI! He's amazing and wonderful, and I would very seriously like to date him.

I dont know what ANYONE ELSE says, but THIS is not just an engagement, this is a MARRIAGE. Come on, they promise to be together forever, through sickness and health, etc. MARRIED MARRIED MARRIED.

Also featuring! An actual KISS. Like, with both members participating and puckering and some (little, but SOME) lip movement! YAY!



Otherwise, I did find myself heavily invested in the hinted at potential/developing relationship between Otomo (Yamapi) and Nishi (girl with crutch). Seriously seriously ADORABLE. And when he said, before they tried to jump, that he was going to protect her - that was what he had decided, she looks up at him with this awestruck look, and I made insanely high pitched noises of glee. He takes care of her, and he doesnt even know WHY! He gives her the lighter, and protects her even after she left, and so many little things. Like when Crazy-sensai grabs her and is holding the gun to her head, and he grabs the water out of Crazy's hand and drinks it. I LOVE THAT. I know he probably had several reasons for doing it, but i think the fact that it was Nishi definitely played a HUGE role in his actions. i just...i love them, ok? I desire fic of them.

Also, Yamapi? Still pretty. Many caps. It doesnt hurt that his character was pretty much the only one with any sense of self preservation.

Following: Thinky thoughts about the ending and stuff. Avoid if spoiler phobic.


Honestly, I really liked the ending. It didn't fix everything, and you knew they were still stuck in the future, but some things changed, and I am SO very curious as to what. All we saw was the change in Asami and Misaki's relationship when they first met, but we dont know what effect that had on things in the future. We don't know if Misaki still died, or even if she was there. All we know is that bits of the letters made it to the past, and that Asami found some of them. We dont know who else encountered them, or how or why. We dont know if it changed the people who were sent to the future (I hope Karou and Sho went together, somehow. He missed her so much, it hurt my heart). We do know that the school still went to the future, but that it wasn't a desert. I want fic about how that changed things. Did they have an easier time? Did it change any relationships?

Overall, I feel like this had so much POTENTIAL, but it never quite came together as a whole for me. I did like it, and it is now totally fucking K.O.'d!


We had the same reaction to LLL, more or less. I LOVED some of the characters (Miskai/Asami OTP!), but. . . there was plenty of stupid to go around. They should have done something about Crazy-sensei the first time she attempted murder and stole their food, but NO. That would suggest some sense of self-preservation.

Some of the crack elements weren't explained (random strangulation from the past, wtf?), and they really beat you around the head with their environmental message--and I don't care. Misaki and Asami made me flail, and I want lots of fic about Otomo and Nishi.

I want fic, period!
the random strangulation from the past was fairly awesome, though, even though it made NO SENSE whatsoever. I was hoping Crazy-sensai was dead, but NO, and this time, they even made Otomo, who WAS the voice of reasonable death, agree that she should get to start over. What?

This probably makes me a bad person, but I think they should have killed banned Crazy-sensei from school grounds. She's gone crazy and homicidal how many times? Why should she be any different in the future?

There is no fic whatsoever! I requested LLL for Yuletide, but it was not to be. I don't want to write LLL fic, but I think I'll have to do it myself if I want to see any at all. My life, so hard.
NO FIC WHATSOEVER. This is a travesty! this is horrible! YOU NEED TO WRITE SOME!

Im betting icons are scarce, too, huh?
I'm at a loss as to where to start with LLL fic. There's that ending, and it just screams to be ficed, but. . . *flails.*

Icons are scarce! I had to make my own, and I think darkeyedwolf's lovely icon is her own creation. Why no love for LLL, fandom?

Yes, that is the sum of all my feelings on LLL.
heeee! they are, in fact, ADORABLE. and even more surprising, both are functional people with a minimum of baggage! it's like it's not even a drama relationship!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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