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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Drama K.O.: Stand Up!!

Eps originally watched: 3/9

I honestly thought I had seen more of this show - at least 5 episodes, so I was expecting to be able to rip through the rest. Unfortunately, I opened ep 6...then ep 5...then ep 4..THEN double checked to make sure I had actually seen ep 3.

I wont lie, this was a difficult show for me. It was hard to me to watch more then about 10 minutes at a time until after ep 6. Nino's character is total fail and dork, and not in a fun way to me. Yamapi amused me, as did Oguri Shun and..the other guy, whose name I don't recall. So, there are our four main characters (not counting Chie), all of whom are 17, and who are (according to rumor) THE LAST FOUR VIRGINS IN SCHOOL. The entire plot revolves around their attempts to lose their virginity.

Nino...Nino is not my favorite. I find it hard to see the character behind the little RAT BASTARD that I know Nino really is. So Im generally constantly expecting him to go back to being an evil little ferret that he is in real life.

Overall, it's not the best show if you have an embarrassment squick. One of the major plotlines is Shou (Nino's character) being in love with his teacher..and his teacher pretty much leading him on for the first several episodes. I cringed A LOT.

But finally, this happened:

and i VERY GRUDGINGLY admitted that it's possible i had a twinge of sympathy. maybe more than a twinge. I MIGHT HAVE GOTTEN TEARY, OK?

So, if i wanted to hide through most of this drama, what DID i like about it?

The boys. They're adorable in their stupidness, in all honesty. And they are good friends. They're very close.

VERY close.

VERY VERY CLOSE. And yes, that IS Nino and whatshisname staring at Yamapi's penis.

What else did i like? Chie. She's adorable, and she's strong. I had issues with her final storyline and how it was handled, but her, i loved.

Stand Up!! K.O.'d!

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Ahhhhhhhh, I don't want to see these things I am still so early in the drama.
Gak! Im so sorry! I hope I didnt ruin anything for you!
Woo, congrats! I'm so proud of you for knocking out one of your lingering dramas - now I just have to do the same!

And here we have the reason Nino is the way he is - subjected to Yamapi's...pi. I bet he was normal before Stand Up!!
And here we have the reason Nino is the way he is - subjected to Yamapi's...pi.

AHAHAHA! I like this thought! I bet anyone's brains would be scrambled after being presented with Yamapi's..um..Pi.

Im proud of me, too! *beams* What are you working on knocking out?

Oh, Neener.

I'm thrilled to have finally (it's 3:30am) finished off Hello! Miss! It was gruelling, but I made it through and I am so glad never to have to watch another moment of that again. Protip: don't do it!

And now I'm going to bed so that I can get up bright and early and watch something else. I can't have you guys going through Drama K.O. without me!
If you didn't at LEAST sniffle when Nino cried I would have to declare you unhuman.

AND I LOVE CHIE. And by default Suzuki Anne. Have you seen her ep of AnS?! SHE IS SO AWESOME.

And you're so right. THe friendship between the boys is truly something. I loved their last scene, all five of them on the beach.

I havent seen her ep of AnS that I know of! It's possible I saw it a while back and didnt realize who she was. Do you know the ep number?

Ep 34!
This looks. . . interesting, but so not my thing. My embarrassment squick and I are huddling in horror at the very thought of watching Stand Up!! "Guys out to lose their virginity" movies/tv shows aren't my favourite by any stretch of the imagination.

If only the cast wasn't so adorakable!
Yeah, you'll want to avoid this. I wanted to avoid this, honestly, but a good friend really loves it and wanted me to watch it, so..yeah.

but the cast is pretty darn adorkable. Kenken (Yamapi) has a train fixation. Kou-kun (Shun) is hot and really good at soccer, but somehow is completely fail with girls, and the other guy is just a very very desperate young pervert. and i dont find spying on girls changing to be a cute thing, no matter how adorable the idiot is.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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