Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

So Far Behind

biases suggested DRAMA K.O. for this month - a month long tournament where you knock out all those dramas you've started but never finished, and im totally in.

Here's the list I'm looking at, minus the things like Yamada Toro Monogatari and Fated to Love You that I would rather bury in steel coffins under cement on the moon then actually WATCH, and also subtracting things that i would happily finish watching, but cannot due to lack of subs. I AM LOOKING AT YOU INVINCIBLE SHAN BAO MEI.

-Stand Up!!
-Yoiko no Mikata
-Long Love Letter
-The Quiz Show (Sho's version)
-My Boss My Hero

-My Girl

-Wish to See You Again

I make no promises as to what ill finish, what i'll ultimately decide cannot hold my attention, and what i drop out of sheer laziness, but i am going to try! Tonight i watched an ep of Stand Up, and only had to fast forward in embarrassment 4 times! And then I promptly got distracted by an SP with Sho, and Im watching that instead. *facepalm*

Maybe March should be DRAMA K.O. for the 8000 dramas you've downloaded, but havent yet even begun..i have..a lot of those. *sigh*

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Tags: asian list of doom, drama k.o.

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