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SW: Han Watched Her Walk

So Far Behind

biases suggested DRAMA K.O. for this month - a month long tournament where you knock out all those dramas you've started but never finished, and im totally in.

Here's the list I'm looking at, minus the things like Yamada Toro Monogatari and Fated to Love You that I would rather bury in steel coffins under cement on the moon then actually WATCH, and also subtracting things that i would happily finish watching, but cannot due to lack of subs. I AM LOOKING AT YOU INVINCIBLE SHAN BAO MEI.

-Stand Up!!
-Yoiko no Mikata
-Long Love Letter
-The Quiz Show (Sho's version)
-My Boss My Hero

-My Girl

-Wish to See You Again

I make no promises as to what ill finish, what i'll ultimately decide cannot hold my attention, and what i drop out of sheer laziness, but i am going to try! Tonight i watched an ep of Stand Up, and only had to fast forward in embarrassment 4 times! And then I promptly got distracted by an SP with Sho, and Im watching that instead. *facepalm*

Maybe March should be DRAMA K.O. for the 8000 dramas you've downloaded, but havent yet even begun..i have..a lot of those. *sigh*

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! I doubt we'll get through everything (I'll consider it a success if I finish even five of the things I listed) but there's something to be said about being organised, as soon as I wrote up my list I actually wanted to finish something, which is a nice change from my usual lack of energy regarding my incomplete things.

Jdramas are particularly good ones to get out of the way, since they're nice and short, and Queens is pretty short for a twdrama (although not actually that good...)

Yeah, now i actually have more limited choices, it will be easier to watch things!

And Queens probably isnt that good, but ive seen the first ep, and the idea of a guy crossdressing sounds interesting, so im going to at least skim it.

both Stand Up!! and My Girl are giving me the same issues - i like the characters, but i dont like the embarrassment of the characters, and that makes it hard to watch! I've seen 4 eps of Stand Up!! and 3 of My Girl, so Im hoping now that we're onto the meat of the plot, that will fade some.
I really like this idea! Though I haven't yet checked (I of course have a list of what I've seen XD) and I suspect I actually haven't got so many UNFINISHED, as I do dramas I planned to watch and never did :x

And I've seen all of the jdramas you have listed all the way through, except The Quiz Show so if you need any opinions/have any questions about watching them I can at least help with that XD

And I have to say, I understand the squick factor. So many dramas I have to keep pausing and walking away from uncomfortable scenes! It is one of the reasons I leave things unfinished, too.

Ooh, excellent, thanks!

i have more than this unfinished - i have a bad habit of starting ep 1 of about 4 different things and turning it off after 10 minutes if it hasnt caught my attention. I do this until SOMETHING catches my attention!

i have a crazy amount of things ive downloaded but havent touched yet. it's ridiculous.

*replies from other account*

I actually looked not long after I commented to you - I only have THREE things unfinished, and one of them is from about two years ago I never finished because of a character death (I won't spoil and say what drama it was!). I am more of the sort to look up promising things and never START them - I have a list of at least ten dramas I intend to watch but have never started!

I suppose the biggest factor that makes you start actually watching those untouched dramas is when you realise how much space all the downloaded files are actually taking up XD
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