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[Rain/Badass/Rocks Fall] Butterfly Lovers Final Fight

Butterfly Lovers is CRAZY beautifully shot. I had to picspam this scene because the gorgeousness is astonishing.

I have to warn you, this movie is basically two different genres, and if you aren't expecting it, you'll hate me. and it.

the first half of the movie is ADORABLE city. A girl in way back then China dresses up like a boy because her parents need to send her away for a bit. She attends kung fu school, is totally obviously a girl, and falls in love with Wu Zun. IT'S ADORABLE. I have a picspam of the adorable coming up soon, too.

Then..well..things go..downhill. this picspam is the downhill. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS.

Girl is forced into a marriage with a guy she does not want to marry. In China's version of Romeo and Juliet, she doesn't pretend to commit suicide the night before. She waits until she is in her wedding carriage. The day before she lied to Shang (Wu Zun) and told him she never loved him - it was either that, or watch fiance kill Shang in front of her. He staggered off with arrows in his back and a broken heart.

He, uh, doesn't take it well when he hears she is dead. He figures out she lied, and knocks out 4 of his friends who are trying to stop him from doing something crazy.

Like try to go to her house, which is heavily guarded. Fiance doesnt want Shang around.

Gorgeous fight scene with puddles and blood and Shang getting stabbed follows, but he fights his way through to the interior.

GUH. The contrast between the wedding red and the mourning white is SO PRETTY.

Fiance is not excited to see Shang. They fight.

They bump into her bier and rock it. They both immediately steady it. It sounds funny, and it is, but it's also lovely.

Shang is fighting desperately, but he's been shot full of arrows and stabbed several times by now. He's getting weaker.

He gets fiance backed into a corner. "Kill me," fiancee says. "No," says Shang. "I don't want you to follow us." By which he means, into death. Shang staggers over to her body.

Fiance offers doctors, but Shang declines. They just want to be left alone.

*swoons* SO PRETTY OMG


. . . One of these days, Butterfly Loves. One day.

So pretty! But I like happy endings. But pretty! But rocks fall! But WU ZUN!
SO PRETTY. and uh..happy ending..um..they get reincarnated? they're together in death? BE GLAD I DIDNT INCLUDE THE VERY LAST SCENE OK.

Wu Zun, YUM. Wait til i picspam the cuteness! then you wont be able to resist!
I'm trying to think of something suitably awful for the last scene.

. . . they don't make it into the afterlife together? They're reincarnated as brother and sister? Wait, no, since when has that stopped anyone?
no, no, they get reincarnated as lovers. and they DO get together in the afterlife.

but before that, she wakes up after he dies beside her, in the grave he dug with his own two hands, as his friends begin to bury them. she leans over and kisses him, and then the last sight of their faces is dirt being thrown on them. BURIED ALIVE AAHHHH.

watch fiance kill Shang in front of her

Sorry, I stopped and thought, "MULAN?!" for a second. >>

But it does look very pretty. And heartbreaking. D:
hee! i had to stop and think of his name, anyway. she calls him "Big Bro" for most of the movie!

It was GORGEOUS! And heartbreaking. That film is so beautifully filmed!!! The Happy Valley!!!
I loooove this movie! it's SO PRETTY. and yeah, totally heartbreaking, but the adorable sucks you in and next thing you know you are sobbing over both of them and the RAIN and the HAIRPIN and fjhskaldjkals!
That is gorgeous. o_o I love the first cap where fiancee and Shang both have their swords out, and the fiancee is conspicuously all in white, and Shang is red with reflected light and blood. THE SYMBOLISM!

Now I want to watch this movie, except they all end up dead, don't they? Stupid tragic Chinese stories.
I love the first cap where fiancee and Shang both have their swords out, and the fiancee is conspicuously all in white, and Shang is red with reflected light and blood.

isnt it GORGEOUS? *swoons* i love it!

and uh..yeah. Rocks fall and everyone dies. But they do it in a very pretty way! and the first half is ADORABLE.

..maybe i should've picspammed the adorable FIRST..
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