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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Japan, WHAT do you do to your children's movies? And WHY?

I can't even..begin to tell you the insanity that is Yatterman. I can't explain it. I definitely cannot explain this SCENE, except that it exists, and even though I've watched it multiple times (this scene, not the whole movie), i am still boggled.

To start with, I watched Yatterman for one main reason:

Do you blame me? Look at his LIPS.

I knew going in that it was A) a kid's movie, and B) based on a earlier Japanese anime. The key part here is KID'S MOVIE. Everybody got that?

Ok, onward!

So! The lovely Sakurai Sho is an inventor of some sort, and has built a giant mechanical dog, and together with it and his girlfriend, they fight crime. Crime, in this case, being these people:

They're in the midst of a musical number. And yes, the men are dressed as a pig and a rat, and she's dressed like a dominatrix.

A dominatrix who just wants to be a housewife and have babies!

I dont get it either, I just report it. But look at her cute little toenails! I want to do this!

So, the bad guys spend their time building weird robots to fight Yatterwoof/commit badness/steal life essence or something, idk. Yatterwoof and Sho and the girlfriend (I am clearly awesome at names), fight back and destroy their robots and stop their evil, etc.

So, bad guys build a new robot. With boobs.

The machine guns, Im sure you can imagine, are contained within her nipples.

(Kid's movie)

And then the fight starts going badly, so they..er..unleash their next weapon. There are MISSILES in her nipples, too. She has to..er..extend the scope, and aim.

Yatterwoof spits out his mini mecha of the fight, which happen to be ants.

The ants...attack? Loving detail is paid to the ants on the nipples. The boob robot neglects to defend herself, and instead moans "OOOOOH," "oooOOOOo," "AAAAHHH." The back of her head pops off, and she says, IN ENGLISH, as the ants run all over her nipples, "I'M COMING!"

Yatterwoof, who is A) watching, and B) a robot and C)THIS IS A KID'S MOVIE, starts vibrating and stuttering "Oh, yeah," "Un huh," "I can't take it anymore!"

Dominatrix would like to know what the fuck is going on here, you pervy robots. Frankly, SO WOULD I.

Yatterwoof and the Boob Robot glide together, both still jittering and moaning, and kiss.

Sakurai Sho is just as perplexed as the Dominatrix.

And then both robots explode in a shower of passion and mechanical parts.

And my brain pops right out of my skull and rolls around on the floor as I stare at the screen in bemusement.

To sum up:
1) Sho pretty!
2) Boob robot!
3) Kid's movie!

PS! One of the fun surprises for me was the scientist. Look! It's Pinko-san! Dressed as Indiana Jones!

He gets eaten/sexually molested by an evil grinning skull, the becomes crazy and attacks his daughter, then he gets vomited out of the top of his own head! Japan has all the bases covered!


You can watch this multiple times, and yet Full House makes you run screaming in horror?

I was interested in this movie when it first hit Certain Communities (lips! hat!), but. . . I don't know if I can take robot sex WITH ANTS.
I watched this scene multiple times because i thought i was hallucinating. it's not the same thing at all.

it's just..weird. really weird. AND IT'S A KID'S MOVIE.

ps. i saw there was Kamikaze Girls ficlet at the porn challenge.

also, i want to crosspost this to drama_hunt, but i have no freaking idea how to tag it.

I really find this fascinating! We all make snarky comments about the cold fish kisses in jdramas, but at the same time, Japan is okay with some really freaky shit in their children's entertainment.

I haven't really *read* anything at the PB yet, but I saw the Kamikaze Girls ficlet while scanning the entries. Have you seen the movie yet?

also, i want to crosspost this to drama_hunt, but i have no freaking idea how to tag it.

I was thinking of making a "too [something or other--amazing? awesome? mind-blowing?] for your tags" tag. Abuse your modly powers and make whatever tag you need! *g*
in the first five minutes, there is an extreme close up of a rope sliding through girlfriend's crotch. i do not understand you, Japan. at all.

i havent watched the movie yet, but i havent been watching ANYTHING lately. ill get there, i swear.

i would happily abuse my modly powers, were i able to come up with something suitibly awesome for this tag. grr. "mindbreaking and crazymaking"?
...I have this crack downloaded. I've yet to watch.

...not so sure anymore if I want to.
um...Sho pretty?

Oh, Japan! Ruining your children since 1973.

Also, Sho looks adorable in his little masky thing! I've had the movie lying around for a little while but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, I'll try and get around to that soon.
WAAATCH IT. if only so im not the only person who cant decide whether to keep it or delete it, because i dont know if i actually LIKED it! And Sho is darling! And adorable! And throws his girlfriend aside so that he can suck poison out of a girl's upper thigh!
Japan continues to destroy my sanity and belief that NOTHING IS THAT WEIRD.
I am still traumatized from yesterday and there's still the whole second half of the movie to watch! It's just... WHHHHYYY. Yatterman, you sure make some choices! It's a good thing (for you, for me, for my continued sanity) you contain Sakurai Sho. XD

Edited at 2010-01-30 11:58 am (UTC)
it gets weirder, too! did you finish it yet, or are you avoiding it? FINISH IT. Sho and his lips compel you!
What the fuck?! :O I remember seeing the boob robot thing somewhere so I thought it was just going to be the boob robot and her missile boobs!! THAT IS SO DISTURBING. Japan is so weeeeeeeeirdddd IDGI AT ALL.
My brain will never work properly again. Never. WHY did I click on that link? ::cries::
AHAHAHAHAHAHA. uh. i mean. I am very sorry for the loss of your higher brain functions. i can not be held accountable as it broke my brain as well.
If I ever move to Japan, there is no way I will be letting my hypothetical children watch movies or t.v. shows. They will be reading BOOKS. Good, wholesome books that I have read first.

Also, I see through your semi-remorseful act! Clearly you just wanted to break as many other brains as possible because misery loves company....I can't really pretend I would have done any differently, though...
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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