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Come with Me if You Want to Live

Thank you all for your kind words about my last post. I refuse to answer comments, because they would consist of flailing and blushing and blurted thank yous, so... I appreciate the support big time!

In other news, i have signed up to help tag wrangle at the Archive of Our Own, which should be fun, except for the fact i have no idea what im doing. so, naturally, i signed up for fandoms already.

Here's what I've got, although there is some confusion over Beezelbub...which I put my name on, and now anenko's name is there? I dont care, I just wonder how it happened...
Regardless! The List!

W Juliet
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Green Rider series
Perilous Gard
Benny and Joon
Bulletproof Monk
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Hairspray (2007)
Pikanchi Life is Hard Dakedo Happy
Brown Sugar Macchiato
Hana Kimi-tw
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Proposal Daisakusen
The Inside
Yoiko no Mikata In my own defense, 1) i had no idea i signed up for so many, and 2) many of these have maybe 5 fics, tops. So, Im not as crazy as it seems at first glance. Maybe.

I AM going to do a fandom roundup, but playing with AO3 has reminded me i need to finish uploading my fic from all my OTHER roundups, so I will get to that shortly. There is a sad lack of fic from 2009, but on the other hand, there have been picspams out the wazoo! Im clinging to that thought and the vague hope i have that one day i will rediscover my writing mojo. Or at least start feeling fandomy about things. Right now the only thing im watching is Little People, Big World on netflix streaming, and no, im not going to fic that. oh, and Hoarders. Im watching that, too.

Anyway! I am uploading the rest of my crap to AO3..slowly and painfully, and omg why do i have so many FICS? and why do so many of them reveal the fact that I can't spell?!

Quick yuletide reveal!

I wrote 1 full length fic, and 2 madness fics
-Mostly Harmless for [personal profile] liesofdesire. Young Wizards - request involved wanting something set in winter, but instead of thinking HAPPY CHRISTMAS FIC! I decided to strand them in a cave and try to kill them off. Look, we all have hobbies, mine are just WEIRD, ok?

-A Girl's Best Friend for [profile] hele. Breakfast Club, set the Monday after. What would happen with Claire and Bender?

-In Silence, Coming Home for [profile] jan_levine. Fionavar Tapestry. Dave and Kim after coming back home.

I wanted to write more madness fics, but then i noticed that all of them were sounding exactly the same, so i stopped. i really wanted to write one where Wednesday Addams burns down the gym the night of her prom, but it didn't happen. Although the idea still amuses me.

I also GOT several things! It was all very exciting!

OK. Upload fics. Edit. THEN figure out the whole tag wrangling thing! And hope that they send me directions at some point...

Oh yeah, and celebrate my birthday tomorrow. :D
Tags: ao3, it's possible im unhinged, yuletide

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