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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

She's Trapped in the Old Valley Mill?

*brightly* so, i havent updated or posted my yuletide reveals or thanked anybody for anything, but everytime i think of what i need to post, i get all overwhelmed and want to go lay down, and watching random movies and Arashi stupidness is ever so much more fun and productive, so i just..dont. and havent. but i will! i think..maybe.

anyway, im posting today, because im kind of freaking out, because there's this thing that i havent talked about on here, that's really kind of huge for me, and ive been working on it for a while, and im freaking out right now tonight, because i just did the second to last piece, and had to POST A VIDEO OF IT ON THE INTERNETS OMG WHY.

so, im flapping my hands and panicking and wishing we actually had something other than bento boxes to pack lunches in, because paper bags are better when you are hyperventilating. the fact that i am a dork and that is readily appearent on the internet is something that has never been a surprise to me, but the fact that i am a HORRIBLY OBVIOUS DORK and then i RECORDED it, is making me want to go hide in the corner shrieking for a while.

regardless, here is my hugely dorky horrible video (that i redid four times because i would suddenly lose the ability to speak coherent sentences somewhere in the middle of Brown Bear, Brown Bear), that i did to apply for my Advanced certification to teach Signing Time classes. the hair is stupid, i never wear make up so i look kind of dead, and i stared at the screen instead of the camera, so it looks like i have no eyes. aaaaaahhhh.



And that's all. *hugs*
...this made me miss you SO MUCH.

*hugs tight*

And I think you did a FABULOUS job looking at the camera and not the screen. I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out!
I think you look adorable!!! And I can tell just by listening to this that you're great with the kids you teach. I think it's really cool that you've learned to sign and are getting whatever certification this is for. Good job!!
That was so cool. Brown Bear, Brown Bear always makes me think of my students in Japan as I would read that book to them when we went over animals.
You look totally fine, so stop worrying about not wearing makeup.

For hyperventilating without a paper bag in sight, try breathing through a straw. Or make yourself take 10, sit in a quiet corner (ha! you exclaim, with a 2-year-old!) and imagine that you are inflating a balloon that lives in your belly. You have to inflate it and deflate it 10 times.

Just remember that you're awesome!
Your video is totally adorable.

Best of luck!
You're so cute! It's so strange, but welcome, to put faces to internet names! :)

I think you did a great job with the video, I actually watched the whole thing because I was so entertained by your voice and your faces and learning a little bit of sign from watching your hands. I can see why this would work well with kids. I hope your certification goes swimmingly (like a goldfish)! ♥
Delurking to tell you that was cute and awesome. Also, chances are I'm going to remember how to sign see, bear, bird, duck, horse, dog, cat, teacher and children for a while....
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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