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MOVIE: : Sugar in bed

Drowning. Send Help.

I should be:
a) writing yuletide (over half done, and with a theme, if not a plot) - due 12/21
b) proofing a short story (gay weatherman!) - due 12/22
c) proofing a novel (no clue, havent even begun!) - due 12/31

Instead, Im listening to Anthony Stewart Head sing "Sweet Transvestite," wasting time on mystery google, and reading MLIA.


I could use a kick in the pants. Or some motivation. Or something else to procrastinate with.

Who's with me?

...also, i think my vlc icon is wearing a santa hat. i find this more disturbing then i can describe.



Or there's THIS class time-waster:

w..wow. I never knew women got out of cars boobs first. and then it JUST GETS WEIRDER AND WEIRDER. Sluts! Strippers! Guns! Explosions! PLAYING HORSIE WTF.

by the end of this my jaw was hanging open in sheer amazement. wow. just..wow. i cant believe a cinematic masterpiece like this EXISTS.
I watched the first half of the movie, and was torn between shame and hilarity. It's like. . . boobs! here, more boobs! hey, it's been a couple of minutes, have some boobs!!!
1. something about "do ya think they're gonna kill ya?" and then she pulls out a SWORD. excellent.

2. Dear MBLAQ. Clearly, I never knew what i was missing in my life. I would like to know more about your highly questionable taste in outfits and hairstyles, your ridiculously catchy beat, and your hilarious dance moves. Look how CUTE you all are, trying to act so tough! *coos and pinches cheeks*

will watch 3 and 4 tomorrow. i actually just wrote another hundred words!

..and then i got distracted by new Yankee-kun, Skip Beat, and Beelzebub. *facepalm*

1. I'm rather fond of the sword, myself.

2. I can't get over the clown pants. It's like: abs! . . . clown pants!? Here, have a pimp post.

I'm way behind on Yankee-kun, SB! and Beelzebub. I've been working my way through 500+ chapters on One Piece instead. I'm so behind on everything!

Congrats on your 100 words, by the way! You're practically there! *waves pompoms.*
Pimp post! I may never finish my yuletide, but i shall have learned important info about ANOTHER ASIAN BOY BAND, so clearly this day will not be wasted.

and i WILL finish this story! in the next 2 hours, it will be finished, reviewed, edited, and POSTED. *firm nod*
This boy band is apparently produced by Rain, so you know you're wasting devoting your time to a good cause.

I noticed that you uploaded your Yuletide story. Congrats! (. . . what, am I haunting the Yuletide page on the archive? Ah hah hah, yes.)
...Rain? *whimpers* no wonder I like them so much, and all ive seen is the one pimp post.

i DID. can you see who uploaded, or what fandoms or what? and i thought we werent supposed to be haunting that page, due to concerns about breaking yuletide?

also, im now looking at dear yule goat letters, because i am ITCHING to write treats. what would YOU like from the goat this year? *innocent smile*
No one knows bad fashion like Rain. *g*

You can see who uploaded a Yuletide fic from their user page (as well as who already received their Yuletide fic!). I'm so hyper I've been checking out the AO3 pages of various people on my flist. *is pathetic*

I'm looking forward to treats, too. Not that that means I'll actually be able to *write* anything, of course, but I'm still wildly excited.

I don't think you know any of my fandoms this year. I'll just have to make do with one fabulous Yuletide fic this year.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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