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Destroy the Earth? Sign Me Up!

I should be writing my yuletide. I had a thought last night - a plan, even. Then I fell asleep, and now I've reread my person's letter, and now Im all second guessy and wibbledly, and wishing i could have written the fic i already wrote in this fandom for this challange, as it fits the details and i really like it, and i have no idea how im going to come close to something like that.

I could also be writing Mei-chan apocafic, as I read the epically awesome Arashi fic, The Lost, which is Jun and Sho and ZOMBIES and completely awesome and did i mention the ZOMBIES and the AWESOME?


Anyway, The Lost made me reconsider my Mei-chan fic, which I though I had lost when my comp died, but i FOUND IT in my email folders, for some reason*, and now im plotting, and this is isnt helping me write my yuletide, you know.

so i was thinking then, that i needed to just start throwing ideas out and hoping something will stick at some point. so, there are now THREE sentences written - no relation to the original idea, and im thinking im might just throw over some of the optional details and go with my original thought. because i kind of liked it.

hmm. yuletide panic has not yet begin to strike, but tomorrow is Dec 1st, and I desperately want to play with treats and yuletide madness this year, so i need to get this wrestled into shape. grr.

*Still never to be recovered: newest parts of Birdy, various porny bits from Hana Dori Yango, something involving Shin and subtle longing and Yankumi being sad and tragically dorky, instead of just hilariously dorky.
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