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Dear Yule Goat

Dear Yule Goat,

This is my fifth year playing in yuletide, and I remain stupidly excited about it every year. Whatever you write me, I will love, I promise.

I love solid characterization more than ANYTHING else. I love plot, I do, but the characters are what do things for me. I love character vingettes just as much as I love long epic fics that encompass 50 years and 7 different planets. Don't be afraid to write something weird - if the characterization comes through and I can figure out where they are coming from, I promise that I will be over the moon about it.

I love gen, het, and slash. I like gen just as much as I like porn, and I love stories about people who stumble their way to happiness. While I adore angst, I tend to be more focused on the happy for yuletide. If the angst bug hits you though, go for it.

I love snark and snappy dialogue and people who tease each other because they know each other and know all the buttons to push. I love quiet introspective pieces with no dialogue and only in one character's head. I love...many many things. Whatever you write will be lovely.

My requests:

Glee (tv)
Noah Puckerman aka Puck/Rachel Berry
Additional characters welcome! I ship Puck and Rachel hard, so I would love to see something shippy, but I'm completely happy with gen. What I really would love would be Puck raising the baby with help/heckling from the Gleeks.

...that's pretty much exactly what would thrill me. I want Puck ending up with the baby somehow, and the gleeks being involved and offering their own brand of help. Group lullabies, Kurt decorating the nursery, Rachel being afraid to touch the baby..I love me some Puck/Rachel, but I'm totally happy with them just being snarky at each other in groups, too.

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Daichi Shinagawa/Hana Adachi
Any other characters welcome. I really really want Shinagawa figuring out he likes Adachi and being TOTALLY HORRIFIED by it. Or anything where he is totally weak to her stupid ideas.

I love this manga, and that says a lot, because it took a freaking long time for me to even try reading manga. We all know Shinagawa likes Adachi, even though he claims that she likes him. I want him to actually figure out that he likes HER. He'd be horrified! It would be hilarious! Especially if he then decided to try asking her out or tell her he likes her. *snerk* Or anything, really, where she has a dumb idea, and he KNOWS its a dumb idea, but he goes along with it anyway. Because he's TOTALLY weak to her stupidity.

Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Kiba/Shibata Rihito/Shinonome Mei
Any other characters welcome. I would love group antics. I would love to see what happens to Rihito and Mei's relationship after the show, or when Mei graduates and the rules about butlers and ladies go out the window.


I love the silliness, I love the crack, but there was serious heart underneath all of the goofiness. Rihito wants so much to be Mei's perfct butler, but he fails and he fails and he fails until finally he cracks, and there's a real guy underneath all of that shiny butler perfection, and he loves Mei SO MUCH. I would love fic set after the show, where they're trying to live day to day lives, and being in love is against the rules. I would love to see something set during/after graduation, when the rules about butlers and ladies no longer apply. I'd even love something set pre-show, when Rihito is watching Mei live her own life and falling in love from a distance. Crack and feelings and ladies and butlers and everything, and hey! Throw in Zoicite Shinobu and Lucia-sama if you want! Everybody's welcome!

...I'm a little unhinged about this show. Sorry?

RPF - So You Think You Can Dance
Chelsie Hightower/Mark Kanemura
Any other characters welcome. I ship these two like burning, but am completely happy with gen. I'd love something set backstage while they were on the show, during practice, or right before or after performing.

I've never actually read any Mark/Chelsie fic, or any SYTYCD fic, so I'm pretty happy with whatever here. I love "Bleeding Love" the most of all their dances, but really, I love their chemistry, they looked amazing together, and they both cracked me up whenever we got to see backstage stuff with them.
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