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FULL HOUSE: Burn This Wardrobe

Rec It To Me

So, Im dealing much better with life with the help of xanax and emotional eating, but im still out of fandom at the moment, and I am sad and lonely.

Not sad and lonely enough that I can focus on anything much longer then three minutes, with the exception of Glee and SYTYCD.

But i still want to watch things, and i find myself watching music videos and fanvids.

So, rec me something, by any one, for any fandom, whatever. Whatever you're into, whether it's just the musician, or just the song, or the fanvid you put together...whatever.

Rec it to me?

ETA: I have lost 2 of my favorite vids - both to "Shake It." One was Arashi, one was multi fandom Asian. Anybody have any ideas where they might be?


May I submit for your consideration: The Lost

It is Arashi. Battling Zombies.

As if that weren't reason it. It's wonderfully, stellarly written. It doesn't fall into the typical style of fanfiction. It reads like a book. Better than many that are actually published (I'm looking at you Twilight). It's Sho/Jun and a side of Ohmiya. But what I found most enchanting is that it's not about the five of them. It's about the zombies and finding each other and trying to survive. I would read and love this book, even if the characters HADN'T been Arashi. So maybe this wont feel like such an effort to get 'back' into fandom.

Anything by these authors is golden, but if you try nothing else, try The Lost.
err..but..this is fic?


but I really think you'll liiiiiike it?

I clearly didn't read the directions.
I like kpop, too! And Im up for watching anything fun. :)
and did you watch literarylemming's remix of this vid to Lady Gaga's Just Dance? It's pretty awesome.
Oh no! They took down the Asian drama mix "Shake It"? D: That's one of my favorite videos ever, I watched it so many times when I first got into dramas! Damn you YouTube! Luckily I've had so many videos I love been deleted that I got into the habit of saving them to disk: Shake shake! I can't help with the Arashi version but I'd love to see it if you find it!

HMM, you may have seen these but:
Awesome Nakatsu vid to "Can't Stop":

A "My Sassy Girl" vid:

Have you ever seen the movie "The Cutting Edge"? That plus Christina Aquilera = guilty pleasure pick-me-up. :)

A classic, Arashi/Mysterious Ticking Noise mash-up:

My favorite HYD vid, "Be My Girl":

OH! And Rui/Shizuka set to "Your Ex-lover's Dead" by Stars/Final Fantasy! I love it so much (though it's very melancholy):

HQ download version: I'm not sorry I met you/ I'm not sorry it's over/ I'm not sorry there's nothing to save...

I recently went on a Michael/Maria kick, though I can't remember where they all came from! Here's an old one to "Fear" by Sarah Mclachlan but I have a LOT saved if you want them. XD

..I could do this all day. I hope you found something that will be nice to watch in a sad and lonely moment! *hugs* Thinking of you!
i HAD it saved, had both of them saved, but when Vista crashed, it took my some of my vids with it. THANK YOU THANK YOU, and hopefully i'll find the arashi vid again soon.

Yay! Some new stuff, and some ive seen..i love Michael/Maria, and always have, so anything with them makes me happy.

thank you!
You're welcome, I was happy to help! Oh man, it's so much worse to lose things like that! You could always ask if someone has the video over on a main Arashi comm, that usually gets results. Of course, only if you feel inclined to deal with the fandom masses :)

ooh, a variety. and includes one with Rain in it!

Speaking of, the tv was on, and a trailer for Ninja Assassin came on, and Brandus was all, "OOOOOH, I wanna see!" and I just..started to laugh. Because now I get my Rain fix, and Brandus gets to watch things explode - perfect combo!
I was going to do a post with my favourite anime girls, but I don't have the patience to go through the crap on YouTube.

one with Rain in it!

I can't actually spot him in the video, though :(

Because now I get my Rain fix, and Brandus gets to watch things explode - perfect combo!

Hee. I'm looking forward to Ninja Assassins both for the explosions and Rain. I saw Rain in the tiny bit of Speed Racer I saw the other day; it was definitely surreal. I don't know if I'll be able to wrap my head around a feature length American movie with him as the lead.
I understand the lack of patience with youtube. trust me. that's actually why i asked for recs. so i wouldnt have to wade through anymore dreck.

Speed Racer and Yatterman are cut from the same surreal cloth. But Yatterman is better. The story makes a tiny bit more sense, even with the mechanical boob fondling, and it never pretends to be anything other then a kid's movie.

..i had Speed Racer caps that I took while watching, but i think i deleted them.

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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