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HANA KIMI:  Nakatsu Loves

Inspiration and Block

I havent been planning on playing in yuletide this year. stress and overwork, and severe lack of interest in absolutely anything have been smothering me. the xanex is helping, and so im more interested, but i cant decide if i want to do this to myself or not.

also, i keep thinking how much id love to work on more original fiction, and hey, Nano is coming up...

so, help me decide, because fuck knows i cant decide these things myself.

Poll #1473961 Creativity?

Should alia play in yuletide this year?

Of course! The worst that will happen is that you've be horribly blocked and hate yourself the same way you always do for yuletide!
Yes! It might inspire you to move past the crap job and the anxiety attacks!
No, Are you crazy? It will add to the stress!
Ugh, no, You've already missed fandom noms and you won't get anything you want anyway.

Should alia attempt Nanowrimo this year?

Why not? It's something else to focus on!
Yeah! You've been wanting to work on more original fiction
*snort* you've lost the last two years, remember? Why bother?
Do you HONESTLY want to add that much stress to your life? Are you insane?


I always love seeing people I know participate in Yuletide, so I'm heavily biased in that direction. The full list of nominated fandoms is here, if you want to give it a look.

That said, I certainly wouldn't suggest Yuletide if you're really that iffy about it. You'll still have tons of cool fics to read, without the usual Yuletide angst.

I've never done NaNo, but. . . it's not quite the same level of stress, is it? That might be a more relaxing sandbox to play in.

/my two cents.
alia, I am torn! I love reading what you choose to write... but I don't want to encourage more stress in your life! It's not helpful but WHATEVER IS BEST FOR YOU. ♥♥
I said no for Nano (so much stress!) but if you really want to do it, go for it! : )
My opinion of NaNo is that even if you do fail the wordcount, at least you've probably ended up with a solid idea and a big start? I attempted it one year and ended up with 25K words of fanfiction XD You can take it at your own pace after November is over, anyway :)
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