Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Radio Silence

I havent been posting or commenting as much on lj lately. Multiple reasons, all real life related - the joys of dealing with a micromanager boss for a high stress job with intensive needs kids, plus the fun of having at least 7 people all of whom want to tell me different ways to do my job. Add that to a husband dealing with a bunch of real life crap of his own (both parents with cancer, one terminal and a waiting game - wacky principal of his very own, and high stakes testing for THIRD GRADERS).

Im on anti-anxiety meds now, which im hoping will smooth things out in the next couple of months. the downside is that they've made me so nauseous, ive gone through three pregnancy tests, just to make sure. anyway, once the meds kick in, i hope to be back and more involved.

for the time being, though, im here. i read lj. i might comment on occasion. but im not watching dramas or writing fic or even reading fic, and Im not planning on playing in yuletide this year. which makes me sad, but i also completely dont care, so this is probably a good decision.

so. im here. dont be shocked i i randomly comment to you. dont be surprised if i dont.

ill be back in fandom one day, i promise.

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