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Five: Heartbroken Sidekicks

rinalin! This one was HARD.

My top five heartbroken sidekicks, in absolutely no order:

1. Nakatsu - Hana Kimi jdrama

("Nakatsu? Too close.")
Doesnt everyone love Nakatsu? admittedly, i watch a very different show, Hana Kimi-wise, then rinalin does. SHE watches the "Nataksu Show!!" I watch the "Sano's Very Pretty and Frequently Shirtless Show and I Think How Much Mizuki Shakes Him Up is Awesome Show." But, i do love Nakatsu. Just not to the same level. Come on. How can you NOT? he loves Mizuki regardless if she is a girl or a boy! he dances with panties on his head! He kisses Sano to save Mizuki's poor lips! ...or something, on the last one. Im not sure. but, NAKATSU!

2. Akira - Nobuta wo Produce

(For some reason, this is one of 3 caps of NwP that I have. So I give you this, with Akira, obviously, on the right, and then I give you Yamapi's hips. Just because)

(You're welcome)
When I watched the first couple of episodes of this, I thought Akira was INSANE. I wanted to hide from him. I thought Shuuji was adorable.
...i still do, really, but AKIRA! Akira SHOCK! he grows on you, and he won my heart when he carried concrete bricks to Shuuji's house just to smash them to show his disapproval of hurting Nobuta's feelings. Plus, he's insane, and he likes her SO MUCH, but he likes Shuuji SO MUCH, and he makes the conscious decision to not know about hugs and he presses Nobuta's hand to his face and HE TELLS THE TRUTH MAN THAT HE LOVES HER.

3. HANAZAWA RUI - Hana Yori Dango

MY FIRST DRAMA LOVE. Now, while I freely and happily admit that I love Dorkface like burning, i originally fell for Oguri Shun's pretty pretty long legs and sweet smile and floppy hair. When his heart broke, because Domyouji is his BEST FRIEND, even if he is a complete freak, and Makino is so completely stuck on the moron, it broke mine in two. When he pushed Dorkface, just to get him riled up, i was horrified and then i thought it was AWESOME. plus, you CANNOT DENY THE PRETTY. IT BURNS LIKE STANDING ON THE SUN.

4. Yuan Yi - Devil Beside You

Kingone, I'm sorry honey, Mike He's mullet will ALWAYS ALWAYS win when it comes down to a battle for a girl's heart. That doesnt mean you arent dead sexy and awesome, but you're the nice guy to his bad boy. At least until you get angry, and then I want to hide from you. Regardless! Yuan Yi is such an awesome guy! He doesnt get Rainie, but he ends up with this crazy girl who adores him, and he kind of goes to adorable pieces over her after his heartbreak is over and whatever (shut up, I can interpret "heartbroken sidekick" anyway I want), and my favorite scene was already picspammed, but there is another scene where girl decides, and then changes her mind, that she wants to have sex. she ends up spending the night, fully dressed, and she asks him to tell her a story. he doesnt know any, so he just tells her the ends of them, with her leaning against his shoulder. "and they lived happily ever after." IT IS ADORABLE.

5. Manager - ToGetHer

(the only pic i have uploaded of him alone is him CRYING, and that's entirely too heartbreaking, so instead, you get him petting Mars' pretty stupid head)
Im cheating on this one, because he isn't heartbroken over a girl, and he doesnt lose a girl to the main guy by any means. but he is heartbroken over what happens to Mars, and he's Mars' best friend, and he is the cutest guy on the PLANET and I want to put him in my pocket and keep him for ALWAYS.



*beams at you* i am so glad!
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