Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Grr Argh

*deep irritated sigh*

so, after being offline for 4 days with a working computer, i get up this morning to find the internet working, but I have a nonworking COMPUTER. It was stuck "configuring update 3 of 3" for Vista. It would turn itself off, then on, give me the configuring message, then turn off. then on. then give me the configuring message. etc etc etc forever.

so, i had to do a factory restore, so ive lost TONS of my files - mostly nonimportant things, as i kept most things on my external hd. but i did lose all of my bookmarks, including my recs for minionsficrecs, firefox, all of my settings, and all of my addons. i also lost various software, most of which should be easy enough to replace and reinstall.

however, the firefox addons, and the greasemonkey scripts will be harder, as i dont remember what all i had. so if you are using an addons or scripts that you find awesome or really love, could you rec them to me?

Im home today, and will be home again tomorrow with the Dark Lord, who has a virus and a mystery rash. Yeehaw. So, any help would be awesome.
Tags: help me obi won kenobi

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