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Now I'm BACK, to Let YOU Know, I Can Really...SHAKE 'EM DOWN


Here is what I've been up to, while without internet of any form. Please notice the glaring lack of "watched dramas" or "wrote fic" or "made vids" or anything else that could be considered fandomy. *sigh*

Things which I have watched, in English:

PS I Love You - overall ok. Cute, I guess, but the highlight for me was watching Harry Connick, Jr play a non smooth, rude guy, who is awkward and weird, instead of being awesome and adorable so girls fall for him right away. Also, the use of Ireland and Irish accents made me very happy.

Confetti - UK movie about a magazine having a "unique" wedding competition. Ended up being very cute! One of the couples has Dent, Arthur Dent in it from the newest Hitchhiker's Guide, and he's adorable as always. Mockumentary. Very cute and fun, and I grinned through all three of the weddings, even the tennis one, where I wasn't sure what to expect. The wedding planners are also adorable. Warning: one of the couples are naturists, and there is a whole heck of a lot of full frontal male nudity. It's not shocking beyond the first couple of minutes, imo, then it just becomes normal. Which makes sense.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - this is probably the movie i was most looking forward to, and the one i found the most disappointing. I dont mind awkward moments, but Nick and Norah's entire "relationship" is an awkward moment, and it was very hard to watch. Plus, the ex-girl was a bitch, and i was hoping for something where they just didnt fit anymore, rather than her being evil. Plus, he stranded her on the side of the road in the middle of the city IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, and i dont care how adorable Michael Cera is, that is a pure dickish thing to do. So, overall, 2 thumbs down. I did like the gay bandmates, the beefy guy, and a couple of times, the drunk mess.

The World According to Sesame Street - documentary about Sesame Street around the world, and how the different shows are created. Very interesting!

Fired Up - two guys join the cheerleading squad to get girls. Funny, and even though sex is mentioned, this is pretty much totally PG. And little sister makes me LIFE. Who is she? I swear I know who she is.

Things which I have watched, in English, with the child, as it has rained much and we are all sick:

The Street We Live On - Sesame Street, one of kiddo's favorites. It features the little red menace, but not so much that I want to stab myself in the eardrum.

Rescuer's Down Under - BRANDUS hadnt seen this one, and I couldnt let that pass. Kiddo seemed to enjoy it, pointing out the birdie, the mice, and the bad man.

Lilo and Stitch - another favorite. he really digs the music, too

Sleeping Beauty - going through the entire Disney library at this point, just so I dont have to watch Cars again. Didn't seem overally impressed, but it was the last movie we watched one day, so it's possible he was just tired of movies. Also, i just realized how creepy it is that Prince Philip comes out of nowhere during their first duet and wont let her get away from him. Of course, I've recognized for a long time how creepy the arranged marriage is.

Random Scholastic video involving about 8 books on video.

Things which I have watched, not in English, as I was running out of things that caught my attention in English:

The Aquarian Age - jmovie - got ten minutes in, realized i still had no fucking idea what was going on, and turned it off for when my brain isnt leaking. so far, there is a cute boy in white who ran a lot and who might have gotten eaten by another cute Japanese boy with funny hair in a dance club. Things were a little hazy to begin with, as all my notes say about this movie is "BOYS WITH WINGS!!"

Marrying High School Girl - kmovie - this one's kinda fun, in a rather nonsensical way. Girl who can't stop crying was told when she was little that it's because she's haunted by the ghost of a princess, and she has to find the princess' husband, and marry him before she turns 16. My favorite part of this whole thing is that, you'd almost expect that the guy she finds out she's supposed to marry would be the school thug and bully. WRONG. SHE'S THE SCHOOL BULLY. She keeps them all in line with her fists! And her guy? Is scholarly and cute with glasses, and he doesnt raise a fist to anybody the entire movie. Instead? We get her kicking ass and taking names. Otherwise, the storyline is sort of all over the place, and the whole plot doesnt make tons of sense. also of the fun is the "sex scene" which Im going to picspam, because you wont believe me otherwise.

A Very Special Love - Pinoy movie - hadnt seen one of these before, and I enjoyed it a good bit. No kiss, really, but with the amount of comfortable touching they did otherwise, i barely noticed. Cute, with an extremely adorable heroine. Also amusing to me was the amount of English thrown around, and the lack of accents on most of it.

Welcome to the Quiet Room - jmovie - recced on rainscene, and one I enjoyed a good bit. Waking up in the psych ward is always a little disconcerting. I liked the pacing of this, and something you would think might become a running gag (the masculine looking female doc) only shows up twice.

Things which I watched a while ago, and never got around to discussing:

The Ramen Girl - this is a jmovie, i swear. or it SHOULD be, as it's about a woman who gets stranded in foreign city with no money and no way to communicate, who discovers the joy of ramen and it changes her life. SEE? IT'S TOTALLY A JMOVIE. Except for the fact the foreign city is Tokyo, and the woman is Brittany Murphy. Pretty good, but i have discussed things with anenko, and we both stayed worried the entire time that the love interest was evil.

My Boyfriend is Type B - kmovie - guys with type B blood are lazy, selfish, and obnoxious. Pity our girl just found who she thinks is her soulmate, and he is a complete type B. Cute, with a heroine who is entirely too willing to let her boyfriend walk all over her, and thinks she can overcome the issue with a smile...until about 3/4s of the way in, when she shows she ain't willing to be a doormat anymore, and suddenly HE is the one dancing to her tune. I enjoyed it!

Other things I have done, while there was no internet:

Read Beka Cooper, Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce - I love how calmly and easily Pierce slips things like transsexuals into Tortall, without even making a fuss. Heh. Fun read, as always. I like Beka more and more, although the discussion of her "peaches" got tiresome. However, she at least got some without worrying about being in love. Go Beka!

Cleaned the kitchen. Again.

Dealt with the fact that child did not manage to pee in the potty AT ALL the entire Monday. AT ALL. I'm blaming it on the fact that he was running a fever. He also took off his diaper when he woke up, and that was a HUGE mess.

Stood by with a look of disbelief when Brandus suggested, "Let's go get a kitten!" and then came back INTO MY HOUSE, with a snake. *shudder* I dont want to talk about it, except that he fully understands that i will never take care of it, he is not to take it out of the cage anywhere near me, and it's not to come back into the house. It's in his classroom, now. AND THERE IT SHALL STAY. Dont get me wrong, in the mother earth sense, i dig snakes. I think they're nifty. I dont even mind them that much if they're in cages. But OUT? OUT OF THE CAGE?! Brandus found this out when he took it out to show it to me in the car and i immediate plastered myself against the door and started saying, PUT IT AWAY PUT IT AWAY GET IT AWAY DONT TOUCH ME.

Dealt with my job. Bleh. I dont hate it, Im actually enjoying the hands on teaching...and please understand that is HANDS ON in full meaning, as my preK kids are autistic, and we're a self contained classroom. And wow, was I sore on Friday afternoon. But the principal is kind of unbelievably micro managing. I dont want to discuss it, but I went home LAST weekend and cried all weekend, and this weekend I'm just trying to keep myself as distracted as possible. Brandus told me he wont let me hit bottom again, and if it turns into another situation where i go on prozac or i cry all Sunday, I'm quitting. He told me to come up with a backup plan. So far, we've veto'd professional surfer and public heckler. Any other ideas?
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