Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Happy Weekend


so, my job sucks, i hate everything, i got yelled at my principal unfairly (imo), and i want to quit!

I wont, because i know im being overdramatic right now, and that monday will probably be fine, and the principal is probably not actually going to be stalking me, looking over my shoulder for the slightest mistakes, no matter what it feels like!

So, instead, im wasting time.

i need dramas/movies/whatever to watch to drown my own self-defeatist attitude out. but i need dramas/movies/whatever with a major minimum of angst, with plenty of crack or cheese or stupidity, with fun characters.

any recs?

in amusing news, picspammy recently redid their tag structure, and only certain people still have their own tag when they post a picspam. im very proud to announce that both anenko and i have our own tags. i feel special.
Tags: help me obi won kenobi, teacher fail

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