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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Happy Weekend


so, my job sucks, i hate everything, i got yelled at my principal unfairly (imo), and i want to quit!

I wont, because i know im being overdramatic right now, and that monday will probably be fine, and the principal is probably not actually going to be stalking me, looking over my shoulder for the slightest mistakes, no matter what it feels like!

So, instead, im wasting time.

i need dramas/movies/whatever to watch to drown my own self-defeatist attitude out. but i need dramas/movies/whatever with a major minimum of angst, with plenty of crack or cheese or stupidity, with fun characters.

any recs?

in amusing news, picspammy recently redid their tag structure, and only certain people still have their own tag when they post a picspam. im very proud to announce that both anenko and i have our own tags. i feel special.


*more hugs*

I'm kinda shocked that we got our own tags. I'll have to make sure to continue spamming in the future to live up to it!

Recs. Hmmm. I don't know if you've been keeping up with Hotaru no Hikari, but it's a very sweet, mellow series. The Nodame Cantabile anime, maybe? I'd rec Jyoou no Kyoushitsu,but it's about a teacher making her students' lives hell, so very much not appropriate.

For Western media, I can't recommend The Middleman, Leverage, or Burn Notice highly enough. MM is quirky good fun, and pokes fun at all sorts of sci fi cliches. Leverage and BN are both "Robin Hood" type stories--ones has thieves, and the other has a spy--helping desperate people against overwhelming odds. Best part? Our heroes are super competent, and you never seriously doubt their ability to pull off a con.

The Machine girl is gory (cartoonishly so) and stupid, but it made me feel a bit better while I was down. Oh! Better choice! Undercover Blues--Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid are spies who go around saving the world, with their baby girl in tow.


Edited at 2009-08-29 08:15 pm (UTC)
I liked the first season of Psych a lot (although I'm three seasons behind). I think you should be able to appreciate the Hot Dorkiness of this vid even without having seen the series:

Have you seen BOSS? It's a crime procedural, so there is drama/thriller/mystery, but the team itself is dorky and witty and happily dysfunctional -- SO much fun. The eps always left me grinning.

Bengoshi no Kuzu is straight crack with a side of crossdressing.

Anything by Kudo Kankuro will surely cheer you up. :)

Um... the first half of Zettai Kareshi?
Hmm, Rolling Love is light-hearted & wacky. The 2nd half gets a bit serious but not too angsty, too. Plus, it's more opportunity to see "Jiro's stupid face"!!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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