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emothy asked for my top five NON ASIAN tv series.

Geeze. Pick something easy, why don't you.

And this was hard, because i was trying to do it based on shows i actively watch, as opposed to dead shows.

In no particular order:

1. Bones - I do still watch Bones, although I missed the season finale of last season. I need to watch that. I know vaguely what happens, but still. Also, they need to get on with getting Hodgins and Angela back together, because i adore them all over the place. I still miss Zack, but I love the rotating interns. And I think I'm one of the few people who, while I ship Booth and Bones, I would also be perfectly happy with them being best buds forever.

2. So You Think You Can Dance - I LOVE THIS SHOW. I love dancing. I love pretty people. I DO NOT LOVE MARY'S SHRIEKING OMG. MAKE HER STOP BEFORE I RIP OUT MY EARDRUMS.

3. Glee - skaldjskaldjksl RIDICULOUS EXCITEMENT FOR THIS SHOW. The pilot was so completely awesome that just thinking about it makes me happy in the pants.

4. Eureka - not a show I catch every week, but it's quirky and fun and my husband likes it, too. Plus, Im pretty sure the Sheriff's new love interest was just introduced, so Im looking forward to seeing how they're going to handle that.

...I cannot think of one other show that I am watching or wanting to watch. Look, we dont even have CABLE anymore, ok? I'm still thrilled I can watch these without it!

biases asked for Top Five Books of Any Kind:

How about books I like my own self?

1. Memory (Miles Vorkosigan Adventures) by Lois McMaster Bujold
I have yet to meet ANYONE who does not think Miles is complete and total awesome. This is my favorite of the Vorkosigan novels, but they are all SO GOOD. Starting with Warrior's Apprentice, when Miles is nineteen, and through a complete and total accident and him being INSANE, he ends up somehow with an entire mercenary fleet and proclaiming himself admiral - all the way through him becoming an Imperial Auditor and falling in love and oh, god, SERIOUSLY, I love Miles so much.
Miles is, hands down, one of my favorite characters. He is so well written, so full of forward momentum. He's a hyper active, manic depressive, fragile boned dwarf with a noble streak 14 miles wide and a complete lack of self preservation skills. HE IS AWESOME.

My personal favorite mission is when he breaks out himself and everyone else from a prisoner of war camp. While stark naked.

Now..we just need a book where IVAN is the main character.

2. Rilla of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery
I know I'm probably breaking the hearts of Anne fans, many of whom HATE the last two books in the Anne series, but I've loved Rilla since the first time I read her. Anne, as much as I love her, has always been a tad TOO overly dramatic for me. Rilla, while dramatic, was very clearly 15, and it passes by without her almost drowning or falling off any roofs. The war in the background makes it so much more interesting to me. I love the subtle love story between Rilla and Kenneth Ford, Rilla's lisp, and Jims, the war baby in the soup tureen.

3. Trickster's Choice (Daughter of the Lioness, Book 1)/Trickster's Queen (Aliane) by Tamora Pierce
I'm not entirely certain why Im picking these over the Protector of the Small series, because I love Kel and how real she is and how she has no magic at all, but there is something about Aly and these two books that catch my attention. I think part of it is that Aly is the daughter of the Lioness and has grown up in her mother's shadow - but Aly doesn't want anything like what her mother has. She has to make her own way, rebelling against her mother, and ending up being so very much her father's child. And Crow is a fascnating character. I do admit that I scowled at the ending - besides Kel, Im pretty sure that all of Tamora Pierce's girls have ended up married/in long term relationships, and I really wish we would see more variety. But, still. Aly dyes her hair blue, and therefore she is fabulous.

4. I Do (But I Don't) by Cara Lockwood
This is one of the few chicklit type books that I actually OWN, as opposed to buying and then selling or just reading once at the library. Lauren is kind of hilarious, and really, the whole book isnt about her trying to find a man. Lauren is an underpaid wedding planner whose love life, of course, is nonexistant. Entire Nick, a firefighter who shows up at two of her weddings on the same day - once to rescue the groom who tried to sky dive in, and once to break up a family fist fight. He's hot, thinks she's cute. Pity he's engaged to her bridezilla client.

5. Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts
Dont let the movie or the fact this is from Oprah's Book Club scare you off. I love Billie Lett's novels, but this is probably my favorite. Novalee is seventeen, seven months pregnant, and has just been abandoned at a Walmart by her boyfriend, Willie Jack. Novalee is a strong girl, and never wilts or faints into anyone's arms - except when she's in labor, but I think she has a excuse there.
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