Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Five: Arashi edition 1

biases asked for Top five Arashi songs!


Not ranked according to love. I just adore them all.

And eustacia_vye, this sort of counts as a brief pimp. It introduces their music, anyway. only about a third of the point of Arashi, but none the less!

1. Happiness: It's bright and colorful, and the boys are being epically stupid and extremely hilarious, and Ohno and Nino cant keep their hands off each other, and at one point, I think Jun might attack and eat someone, and we get to see Aiba's vibrating belly. Plus, Sho looks really really really pretty in that pink shirt. It's a bubbly, fun song full of dorkery!

2. Sakura Sake: this is the pv where I fell for Arashi, I admit it. I dont know, the set up - each boy as both a student and a teacher, the way Ohno wacks Nino over the head for no apparent reason, the colors, Sho's rapping...i love it all! AND of course, Ohno's pelvic thrust.

3. Step and Go - live: Sorry for the crap quality, but i love this particular performance of Step and Go. The dancing! Jun's camera-whoring! Sho's rapping! Honestly, though? It's how Ohno says, "Rollin rollin on" that really makes me love it.

4. Truth: *babbles* ok, so the others have been peppy and upset. HI NOT THIS SONG. This was the theme song to "Maou," which starred Ohno as a PSYCHOPATH. This song is darker and creepy, but the video is AMAZING. the colors, the orchestra, the imagery, Aiba's red pants, Ohno's FACE. I LOVE THIS VIDEO.

5. Right Back to You - AAA in Dome live: GUYS THEY HAVE LIGHTSABERS. It doesnt get any more ridiculous or awesome then this!

*updated to fix dead vids. Dammit, Johnny, cant you just let us keep them up for a MONTH?
Tags: at least rinny loves you nino, five things, i have arashi, masaki baby, matsujun is a camera whore, meme, oh no ohno, sho fails and wins my heart

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