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[Badass] Standing Up or Lying Down (Devil Beside You)

No, Im not rewatching Devil Beside You. I just want to spam it for some reason. I think Mike He's mullet might be magical. It would explain how he manages to pull off "attractive" with a mullet with BOBBY PINS in it.

Regardless! Mike He does not appear in this picspam! No, this is dedicated to the secondary ship of Devil Beside You, and the one that is mildly less cracked out, then Rainie and Mike He's psuedoincest. Although I have more of that, too, so hold on.

Qing Zi is Rainie's best friend, and she, being a good friend, had backed off of Yuan Yi (KingOne), the guy she liked, because her best friend liked him, too.

Naturally, Mike He's mullet wins out over KingOne's awesomeness, leaving the poor boy lonely and angsting in the rain. Through a series of misadventures, including bets over umbrellas, more rain, rescues from attempted sexual assaults, and matching couple outfits, they fall in love, just in time to find out Qing Zi is being forced to move by her father.

So, Yuan Yi, in my hands down favorite scene of the entire drama, challenges her father to a fight with swords. This is also the scene where I actually realized KingOne's hotness. I mean - he was cute, but this scene? GUH.

Rules: Dad will attack three times. If Yuan Yi lands a blow on any part of his body while he is attacking, Yuan Yi wins. If Yuan Yi is still able to stand up after three hits, Yuan Yi wins.

Of course, challenging her dad to a dual for the right for her to stay is a REMARKABLY STUPID THING TO DO. Her dad is an expert. Yuan Yi has never touched a sword. Not even once.

Girlfriend is very supportive.

She tries to talk them both out of it, but neither will back down. Yuan Yi says that it might be an impossible fight, but it's something he has to do, for her. He also gets really cheesy here, with a line about their love making the impossible possible, but I prefer not to think about it.

KingOne is very manly and pretty here. mmmm.

Ready, set...

Boy is knocked right the fuck off his feet from one hit, through the air, and lands so hard his helmet comes off.

He drags himself back to his feet, and we go for round two. That doesnt go so well, either.

Qing Zi begs him to stop.

Yuan Yi, bleeding from the mouth and clearly not steady on his feet, smiles and tells her not to worry. That this fight will end one of two ways: him standing, or him lying down. It's kind of an awesome speech he gives here, about Yuan Yi and her dad, fighting for her care - that her dad needs to know she's safe - and that Yuan Yi will not lose this fight. Dad is standing there the entire time, listening to every word.

Round three: this beautiful, brave, BLOODY boy doesnt even put on his helmet. He doesnt brace himself. Keep in mind that he hasnt even had a chance to TRY and hit dad. So Yuan Yi stands there, without his helmet, bleeding, and smiling. I faint from sheer hotness.

Dad is moving, and coming closer, and Yuan Yi just SMILES.

Qing Zi snaps. She runs to Yuan Yi, while her dad is mid swing. You've never seen a man pull a punch so quickly. She presses a kiss to Yuan Yi's face, and Yuan Yi looks at her LIKE SHE IS INSANE.

Girlfriend has brains, though. While both guys are frozen and she's midkiss, she whispers, "Now!" to Yuan Yi.

Direct hit!

This beautiful smile lights up Kingone's face, but Qing Zi cant quite believe it.

They walk away, her supporting a good deal of his weight, and him clearly still in pain.

Her dad pulls off his helmet, and he smiles. Maybe this guy is worthy of his daughter, after all.

Tags: devil beside you, kingone needs to get the girl, picspammy, the mullet always wins, twdrama

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