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Five plus a bazillion

anenko wants: top five manga you're thinking of checking out (or could be pressured into checking out)

...well...see..i kind of..resisted for a long time, and then in one fell swoop fell hard into manga. and ive pretty much read most things that have caught my attention. so let's split this question up: what have i already checked out (and enjoyed), things i read part of and then dropped, and what ive been too slack assed to get around to yet.

Brace yourselves.

On the good list, where good means i read everything that was available for whatever reason:
-Beelzebub - fifteen year old delinquent ends up having the raise the son of Satan. Hilarious and twisted, and all the girls are FIERCE. Baby BL is cute, too, even though he is always always naked.

-Hana Kimi - gender bender - girl goes in drag to an all boys school so she can be closer to her idol. I love you all, but the majority of this manga made me want to bash my head it. too many people, most of whom i could never identify, the doctor scenes irritated me, and i only read it because Sano and Mizuki are insanely adorable, and Sano was frequently shirtless.

-It's Not Like That, Darling - whatever the phrase is that means "woman's manga" - a year after her accident, hot 20 year old is having weirdly erotic dreams about a guy she doesnt know. Hey, look! It's that guy! What? What do you mean she got a blood transfusion from the woman he was in love with before that woman died? Sex, nudity, and some ovary melting from hot man and adorable child. Dub con in places - she's clearly very turned on, but she's saying no, so..yeah. He's beautiful, the kid is adorable, and the ghosts and time travel dont show up until later.

-Skip Beat! - Kyoko is perfectly happy taking care of the asshole Sho-chan, til she finds out all she is to him is a maid. She vows revenge by stardom. AWESOME. WANT MORE.

-Usagi Drop - slice of life - 30 year old takes on the task of raising his grandfather's 6 year old illegitimate daughter. I like how real this is, and how the guy just does what needs to be done without drama. He realizes he has a kid to take care of now, so he goes on and asks to be switched to a different section where he doesnt have to do overtime. i also love how the other guys he works with act - they're DADS - they have pics of their families on their phones - it's none of the typical drama-ish crap about cold fathers or anything. these guys care.

-Vanilla Ice - gender bender - boyish girl+girlish boy in school. They've been neighbors forever. I dont ship the eventual OTP here, but it doesnt look like it matters. The mangaka got very sick and is unable to work, I guess?

-W Juliet - gender bender - tomboyish girl accidentally meets and falls for a guy who is dressed like a girl. The first manga I read for no reason other then I liked the plot. Loses some steam by the end, and W Juliet 2 seems fairly boring so far, but fun!

-Yankee-kun to Megane-chan - school life - delinquent gets hauled along in all of the class reps plans. She's an idiot, he's totally weak to her. My favorite part is where they are playing a computer game, and she gets attacked by something. He would normally run to save her, but he's a merchant. HIS ONLY OPTION IS 'SELL.' Super quick read of each chap.

On the meh list, where meh means i dropped it halfway or whenever:
-Boku ni Natta Watashi - gender bender - girl forced to go to an all boys school in her brother's place when he runs away. Naturally her roommate finds out, hijinks ensue. Gave it up after he started tormenting her when he finds out, and she tearfully tells him that she loves being his slave. Uh, no. No thanks.

-Power/Girl Got Game - gender bender - girl forced to dress as boy so she can join the basketball team and live her father's dream of joining the NBA. Probably cute, but the only difference in the drawings of the girl as a boy, and the obvious love interest is their bangs. I cannot spend the entire time trying to figure out where their bangs on to figure out who they are.

-Othello - school life - Yaya is a quiet girl who goes along with the bitches who bully her and call her their friend, wishing she could speak up. A girl shows up who doesnt put up with that shit. Weirdly, they're the same girl. Got bored after Yaya still hadnt figured anything out about her "black outs." Also, she still hangs out with the bitches instead of the hottie who likes her.

On the list of eventually, where eventually might mean "in five minutes" or "next year":
-Gokusen - dorky teacher is secretly the mob boss' granddaughter - started it, got distracted when Yankumi was being mob bossy. Will get back to it.

-Otomen - currently an airing drama starring my beloved SEKIME from Hana Kimi - he acts like a tough guy, but he likes sewing and cooking. What's to happen when he falls for the tomboy transfer student who only likes tough guys?

-Ouran High Host Club - girl forced to crossdress and pretend to be a boy for some reason i dont remember. recced by anenko.

*squints* i know there are others i want to see, but i cant think. Suggestions appreciated. As you can see, i like a lot of things - i like the school stuff, the older stuff, supernatural-y, slice of life...whatever.

...did that actually ANSWER the question, anenko?
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