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DBY: Kisses

[Make Outs and Sex!] Do You Want or Not Want? (DBY)

Yeah, it's more of Mike He's hair and Rainie's cuteness - this time with added make outs!

Little commentary, because it's a MAKE OUT. Seriously, what do I have to say? Plus, Rainie and Mike are hot together, and I would happily watch them make out all day!

I also feel the need to point out that by this point in the story, they're stepsiblings. mmmmm, psuedocest.

mmmmmm. MAKE OUTS. By the way, they're in a hotel. They're totally having sex.

The next morning! Rainie is trying to reach her clothes from the bed, so she doesnt have to be NAKED in front of Mike He, even though she totally was a few hours ago. This goes about as well as you would expect, and she falls off the bed, taking the covers with her. Leaving Mike He in nothing but his underwear.

I have no problems with this.

Tousled mullet: too cute for words.

Rainie's adorable face:


Now! Let's have more sex!


lol, well they aren't blood related so....but aniwaes, having lived throguh Boku Imou, this is nth already. RM forever!
oh, i know they arent. but the way the story treats it is as if it's some huge deal, that two people whose parents didnt get married until THE KIDS ARE IN COLLEGE want to date.
Aww, I didn't get that far D: But I can hear the cheesy love music they constantly play anytime the scene gets remotely romantic. This show was awesome.
very last episode, almost at the very end.

totally worth all the cheese. i love this show, cheese and all.
this is still the hottest make out scene I've seen in a Taiwanese drama. just - guhh, Mike channeling the mullet and sleepy sexy, and Rainie being all cute and embarrassed but kissing him back like mad...such love.
oh yeah. this was the first REAL makeout i saw in any drama, and they HAD SEX. go Taiwan! and sleepy sexy is the very best way to describe Mike He there. mmmmm.
Oh, I so got to watch this now!
makeouts! sex! psuedocest! cheese! it's awesome!
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