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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Devil Beside You - No, No, I Love *HIM!* (picspam)

Hi! I was attempting to focus on anything ever tonight, and I dont want to watch a new drama, and I dont feel like reading manga, and i've already made cookies and I dont want to go to bed...and in the middle of all this, I suddenly had a craving for Mike He's mullet, so I bring you some picspams starring the Hair and Rainie Yang.

Devil Beside You is..rather insanely stupid sometimes, and yet, I love it dearly. A good girl attempts to confess her love to a good guy and accidentally ends up giving her love letter to a hoodlum.

Yeah. It's just that wacky. Especially once the make outs, psuedo incest, and mittens of love show up.


Also, this picspam is just a thin excuse to be able to picspam the sex scene next. If I could find the scene where they make out in the middle of the road, I'd spam that, too.

Qi Yue (Rainie) is nervously waiting for her crush Yuan Yi (Kingone, in the first role where he loses to Mike He's hair) to come so she can confess her love and give him a love letter. She's adorable! Her friends are supportive!

Yuan Yi, the hot basketball player, comes striding up the stairs.

She takes a deep breath....

And she goes for it!

Er..Yuan Yi?


Uh oh.


He just smirks, and he has BAD BOY written all over him, from the bobby pin in his hair to his trench coat. MMm.

...er, i mean, EVIL! Oh no! What are we to do when faced with this much evil?

Easy! Hyperventilate! THEN RUN AWAY!

Unfortunately, in her panic, our girls leaves something a little bit important behind..

Gee! I wonder how this will turn out? *cackles*


Oh, Devil Beside You. So terribly cheesy. Such horrible music. Such bad acting. SO ADDICTIVE. I love Rainie's facial expressions, especially when she realizes who's standing in front of her. WHO BARES THEIR TEETH LIKE THAT UNIRONICALLY? And Mike He is just... Mmmmmmmmm...

I can't lie, I stopped watching after about 13, 14 episodes. I read the manga, so I know how it (generally) ends, and I couldn't take any more of the music or the storyline.
Oh, the middle gets SO SO SO CHEESY, and yet, i ate up every second. it's completely senseless in places, and i LOOOOVE it.

Devil Beside You is..rather insanely stupid sometimes, and yet, I love it dearly.

That. . .is the perfect way to describe this. This was the first drama I'd ever seen all the way through and I was both amazed and weirded out (this was an Asian drama??) and I recently re-watched it and was able to giggle at how cheesy and fun it was.

Oh man, the SMIRK. Mike He killed me with that smirk. And I spent most of the drama staring at Rainie's eyebrows, wondering why the baby caterpillar was chasing the mommy caterpillar. And the sex scene! HAH, it was soo cute. All their bed scenes were cute in this drama. So stupid. So cute.
THIS was your first full drama?! you poor thing! my first was Hana Yori Dango, which might be crack, but is completely AWESOME crack!

the SMIIIRK. that boy knows how to be a bad boy. mmmmmmm.
lol, it must have done something right because I continued to watch!

Mike He is a born smirker. He can outsmirk anyone. I haven't seen another man smirk as good as Mike He smirks.

Ah that takes me back. Pure crack that show is. It goes from that is a very serious issue to Rainie making a weird face and Mike being woobie-like. I stopped trying to understand the show after they had a christmas tree competition....5 BAMF guys designed trees.... :O It was like what-if Charlie Brown grew up in Taiwan...but Kingone, so sad....Mike always gets the girl...
I got through the Christmas tree, but the mitten of love that he designed just killed me dead. i seriously rolled around on the floor moaning, "SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY?" because you honestly want me to believe that a THUG designed something so cheesy? AND WEARS IT?

Kingone has no chance against the hair. THE MULLET IS TOO POWERFUL.
That smirk. Why must fictional smirky bad boys be so hot?

I love the sequence where Rainie realizes who she's facing. You can SEE her thinking "oh, shit!" in the last one. Hee.
Mike He's smirk is a thing of beauty. Wait til I do Ah Rang's desk walk and you see HIS smirk. it's kind of amazing.

and yes, I HAD to post every single frame of that scene, because her FACE.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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