Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Devil Beside You - No, No, I Love *HIM!* (picspam)

Hi! I was attempting to focus on anything ever tonight, and I dont want to watch a new drama, and I dont feel like reading manga, and i've already made cookies and I dont want to go to bed...and in the middle of all this, I suddenly had a craving for Mike He's mullet, so I bring you some picspams starring the Hair and Rainie Yang.

Devil Beside You is..rather insanely stupid sometimes, and yet, I love it dearly. A good girl attempts to confess her love to a good guy and accidentally ends up giving her love letter to a hoodlum.

Yeah. It's just that wacky. Especially once the make outs, psuedo incest, and mittens of love show up.


Also, this picspam is just a thin excuse to be able to picspam the sex scene next. If I could find the scene where they make out in the middle of the road, I'd spam that, too.

Qi Yue (Rainie) is nervously waiting for her crush Yuan Yi (Kingone, in the first role where he loses to Mike He's hair) to come so she can confess her love and give him a love letter. She's adorable! Her friends are supportive!

Yuan Yi, the hot basketball player, comes striding up the stairs.

She takes a deep breath....

And she goes for it!

Er..Yuan Yi?


Uh oh.


He just smirks, and he has BAD BOY written all over him, from the bobby pin in his hair to his trench coat. MMm., i mean, EVIL! Oh no! What are we to do when faced with this much evil?

Easy! Hyperventilate! THEN RUN AWAY!

Unfortunately, in her panic, our girls leaves something a little bit important behind..

Gee! I wonder how this will turn out? *cackles*
Tags: devil beside you, picspammy, rainie rocks my world, the mullet always wins

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